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anyways, regardless, I'll probably come back to this game sooner or later and get over it with time and whatnot, but I'll admit, I'm jealous you guys can enjoy human characters when i can't do quite the same.....and i don't honestly know why it's such a hangup for me. 

For the record, coach is probably the character i liked most, due to him reminding me of a friend, and playing his route felt like what would have happened if i hadn't made so many mistakes with that friend. it actually kinda brought me to tears.

Look, i apologize that you've been getting complaints, but I'm trying to be as polite as possible, I'm not asking him to be removed, or saying he looks bad, I'm just asking for a simple image toggle as human characters aren't my thing. Please stop taking this as some great personal attack, i was only asking for an option due to personal taste/preference.

If it's really so difficult to turn an image off, and if it truly makes the game somehow impossible to play, then so be it, i wish you all well, and i hope you find success with this game, but human characters are such a turnoff to me in furry games that I'm afraid i probably won't play it from here on out. Once again, i mean no ill will, and wish you all the best, and from what i played last year, i must complement, I've never played a VN that i liked before i played this game.

Okay, so, i've got a weird thing, i don' like human characters, i don't like seeing them, playing them, or anything. I remember probably 11 months ago, i played an early version of this game, and it didn't show the person i was playing as, it was just me, left to my own imagination as to what the protagonist looked like. This update feels like a step backwards, seeing some weird human dude that i don't like at all in any way, it isn't left to my imagination, anfd it's...well...a human, which i abhor in furry fantasy/art. Is there any possible way you could make a patch or some option to disable the human avatar?