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Hey, that's really encouraging!

I definitely bit a bit off more than I had time to put in. A lot of time ended up going in to systems that I had to cut--the shops, the deck editor, and the dungeon itself. I'm thinking I probably should have just set my eyes on a battle demo with some dialogue between, but that's hindsight.

There's missing indicators for target selection, missing displays for the enemy's cards as they're played (so you can read them the first time they come up)... Lastly, the card frame needs some adjusting to stress the importance of those 0-speed cards (as they're the only cards that can start a Chain).

I hope you like what I have in store!


It's mostly any phase where the enemy goes first that the 0 cards became a hindrance -> since they play the anchor card, you're faced with a SPD of 1, making the 0 cards useless, if I understood the system correctly. It made the enemy phases always go - they play a card, I play one card - round ends. 0 cards were important, but only on turns where you pick the anchor, so having as many as I did slowed down what I could do.(I had turns where only one character had a card that wasn't a 0 card; perhaps that was an unfortunate luck of the draw?) 

I do agree that one tutorial battle would have been a better demo to present, but yeah - hindsight. I still think what you have is neat!

Also, I forgot to mention - your writing is very nice. I wasn't absorbing much of it because I wasn't very invested in the characters (Just wanted to play cards haha sorry!) but stylistically your writing has nice flow.


I could blab all day about would-ofs and will-dos, but instead I'll just say, ";~~; thanks!"