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The ALT-Enter issue is because I am using  the RGD executable replacement. It's something I have to restore manually. The mouse issue was a simple error--I neglected to set the new "mouse multiplier" when going to fullscreen, which tells the game how big each of the mouse zones in a window should be.

You're right, I could've just hooked these up real quick and went on my way. I had a fixation on doing everything "the right way" e.g. building my keybinding menu and -then- hooking up those default keybinds, which sucked up a lot of time. I was worried that I'd have to tear it down and rebuild.

Basically, instead of doing these sort of quick-and-dirty fixes over the course of the month just to get a tech demo out, I ended up doing them all at the end. I ought not have been so scared of doing work twice, and more worried about not getting to do it at all.

I could blab all day about would-ofs and will-dos, but instead I'll just say, ";~~; thanks!"

Hey, that's really encouraging!

I definitely bit a bit off more than I had time to put in. A lot of time ended up going in to systems that I had to cut--the shops, the deck editor, and the dungeon itself. I'm thinking I probably should have just set my eyes on a battle demo with some dialogue between, but that's hindsight.

There's missing indicators for target selection, missing displays for the enemy's cards as they're played (so you can read them the first time they come up)... Lastly, the card frame needs some adjusting to stress the importance of those 0-speed cards (as they're the only cards that can start a Chain).

I hope you like what I have in store!

Alright, thank you for clarifying further! I saw only the 5,000 USD associated with each prize and started to sweat a little for whoever ended up winning it.

I'm a bit confused about answer 4. What constitutes "working  with the developer to create the game," exactly? It sounds like they just publish the game on Steam,, etc. and take a cut.

For many of us, who have to work a day job to keep the lights on, turning our game into our career is only feasible if we get paid during the development time.  So if the promise is for a portion of the game's sales, then we wouldn't be able to work on the game AND work our day job or day jobs. If one of the winners is stuck in a position like that, are they just stuck, since they no longer have the right to publish their game and fund their next project that way? It almost sounds like getting second place is a safer career move than winning.