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This was pretty cute and I liked the idea a lot. There were some definite grammatical issues when it came to the writing, and there was a bug when cancelling out of the settings menu, but everything was still understandable and worked, so it wasn't a big deal. The gameplay, while simple choice-making, was interesting and there's a fair bit of replay value. I'd like to see a longer version of this (with maybe a bit more sense in some areas - like the sewer girl scene) but all in all it was a neat little game.

I ended up a Dark Knight on my first playthrough and a Gunner on my second. X3


Thank you for playing! I apologize for any language mistake, english is not my native language, and it's something I need improvement too... I hope that this hasn't hurt too much the game experience! ^^"

Nah, like I said, it wasn't bad enough that it really impacted the gameplay itself, just something that will need polishing up~ >.<)b