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I really enjoyed this little game. I left my thoughts and first impressions on this video here. 

This is quite a belated response, but thank you so much for playing our early alpha prototype and sharing your thoughts! :) I also loved playing Space Cadet growing up, and Pokemon Pinball was one of our inspirations for this game as well because it's one of the few pinball games that adds mechanics beyond pinball itself.

I laughed when you realized you might be able to keep farming infinitely - in the early state where the ramps didn't work yet, balancing the game was pretty much choosing between letting the player infinitely farm or making them lose money (or break even) by farming.

We're working on overhauling the whole game with more boards and lots more to do! It may be a long ways off before the updated version is playable since the feel of the game is largely dependent on the design of the board, but for now we've made some tweaks to the game feel to make it slightly more playable (you can now semi-reliably hit the ramps thanks to aim assistance just like a real pinball game, and the variables related to physics were adjusted). Although there isn't even a week's worth of development in the playable prototype I'm really happy with the concept and I agree, it could potentially be really fun with more work put into it!

well I'm excited to hear from you and even more so with the idea of this game being updated. It was a lot of fun, and I think expanding the concept could be really cool.