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Thank you! :) I’m really glad to hear that!

We didn’t get too far this time since we only had a day to work on it, but it was fun experimenting with a more hi-res style and we plan on updating post-jam when not swamped with deadlines, haha.

Thank you very much! The loops aren’t functional yet, but there will be aim assistance like in real pinball games and you’ll be rewarded with nice stuff for hitting them. Props for being able to hit the loops unassisted, that takes skill!

Thanks for playing! :) It was made easier to gain money in a later build, and there should be other methods of gaining money added in the future.

You can either download the installer and run it to have the game playable as an application (you may be more familiar with this method), or download and extract the .zip version so that you can run the executable for the game.

Where are you getting this message? The game should be playable on Windows, as it was made in Game Maker Studio 2. However, it isn’t currently playable on Mac, because a Mac OS computer is unfortunately required to export for the platform even if you own a license to do so. (I’ve considered borrowing or purchasing a laptop to export later builds, so Mac users don’t despair.)

What a cute Let’s Play! Thank you for making this! :)

I think you downloaded during version 0.0.2 when it was indeed very hard to make money! Besides tweaking the balance, we’re working on other ways to make money and get a good profit margin. Keep an eye on the devlog if you’d like to try it out when more features are added!

I'm glad to hear that! I hope the features we're working on will make the game even more fun!

Thanks! It does get sort of hilariously easy at the end since the enemies are unaware they can attack and overwhelm you. We plan on fleshing the game out more when we have some free time so keep an eye on the devlog if you'd like to play when more stuff gets added. :)

Thanks! I'm glad you found the game fun even in its basic state. I enjoy the cute and friendly look of storybooks, so that's nice to hear!

Thanks! We're working on some more features, so keep an eye on the devlog if you'd like to try things out as they come.

Thanks! I can add it into the rules page in the next patch. :)

There's no “game over” screen yet - I’m working on one that will only give you a game over if you don’t have enough resources to farm yourself up to any more lives, and tally up your total score so you know how you did.  I’ve put a small “Back” button in the lower right corner of the screen as a temporary hotfix (effectively a reset). Please be careful, because you will lose your progress upon returning to the title screen!

Thanks for the kind words and input! :) I agree the jump could use some tweaking (and some variable jump height wouldn’t hurt, either).

Awesome, thanks! We’ll see what we can do with it - the input is useful. Good luck to you as well!

Thanks for all the suggestions! :) I think JKL (or similar keys) would be good keys to use since the attack and pickup buttons could be close together without accidentally triggering Sticky Keys with shift. Space for jump could potentially free up the up arrow key to allow the player to pan the camera up to check the upper area of the stage without having to physically go there. Vertical and/or air attacks are things we’d like to add to help deal with pesky flying enemies!

Thanks! :D Do you have any suggestions for the control scheme?

I agree that audio would add a lot to the game. We're working on more updates for the game and plan to add SFX, music, and control remapping. It's been fun working on it so far and we think there's a lot of potential for improvement.