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Interesting concept, lots of good art. This style of game has lots of room to run. XD

thank ya. XD
I feel the same way about the consensual thing. Its one reason I aim for more 'cozy' vibes. I like happy stories XP

thank ya. Glad to hear it. XD

Thats great to hear XD
I'll see about letting folks know that can help too

Okay, was following a few blogs with similiar issues. I have zero idea exactly what is causing the issue but it looks like according to the link below, opening it in one drive, or opening it in programs x86 has fixed this issue for other users. There's also other solutions, but it seems this may not be a renpy issue but could be a windows issue itself. Still researching will advise if I find any other useful info.

Just a hunch, but it might be because the art files and script are all archived. Sandbox may not be able un-archive it. I'm doing a lot of 'non visual novel' stuff with renpy and so it might be more touchy than a standard vn game. I'll check it out and see if I can find anything on it

weird, I have tested it on two separate windows computers. using different versions of windows. any specific errors or anything? you may need to redownload?

what are you using to run it? windows, mac, apk?

very nice. I am hopeful to see where this goes in the future. You got a new follower now XD

Very nice. Very fun. The orange one is probably my favorite, and I love how you get full sprite work when you push on the arrow keys on the title screen. 

C: thank ya kindly XD

C: we sure are. It's going to take awhile to do an update, still working on programing skills for the update.

C: wow indeed

Not sure why, but after I purify the demon the game stops letting me control the character. Is this the end of the game?

No, and its not based on the various fanfictions going by that title either lol.

Yeah, I didn't have enough time to fully balance or implement all the exploration scenes. there's only 7 and torial's home was set as a higher priority meaning your likely to get that one a few times too. when I do an update I'll be sure to balance it better and include a lot more scenes. Not sure how you got whimsum that many times lol.
Glad you enjoyed Tori. I had to think a lot about exactly how I wanted to portray her XD

Are we allowed to submit an update to another farm game we worked on that was not submitted to a previous farm game jam, or only the ones we submitted to the previous farm jams? I have a couple of farm games that could use an update but they were not made for these jams in particular.

Thank you. I haven't released any fanfiction visual novels yet, so I was really nervous my art wasn't quite up to stuff for it. XD
I do want to continue the project, still trying to figure out the music situation but for now I have stuff that functions.

also thanks to everyone for commenting playing, it means a lot to hear. XD

Good work on the art, the mirror scene was great, I always struggle with stuff like outfit design and cameltoes, but this looks great. I think there's a small delay in the timing minigame, it responds better if I push the space bar before it reaches the 'sweet spot', its not a super consistent delay, just noticed it a few times.
Other than that, fun game.

One hundred percent on theme too

Very nice. I haven't seen a pacman porn game since the old pc16 system. and even then it wasn't a futanari game. Sprite work is good and the CG scenes are nice, especially love the anal and the one where the demon's bent forward. If this does expand, I'd like to see narration for the sex scenes but all in all good unique use of a game system. If I guess right this looks kind of like RPG maker, and if so, I didn't know RPG maker could do this. XD

Love the animation, the sounds, and the idea. I'll admit, sleep-play is one of my particular kinks. That said, the game's a wee bit difficult lol. Muliple lives may have helped. XD
took me about 40 minutes to beat LOL. 

I remember seeing lots of games like this in the past, but something about this one is charming in a way so many miss. (also love the green dog scene) would like to see more stuff like this more in-depth. Only thing is I don't quite get a 'forbidden' feeling from it. Though I do got some speculation on whats going on, seems like it could be a cool setting to explore.

Fun, quick, good art. All in all a good game. Though it didn't exactly feel too forbidden, it was fun to play. 

Interesting concept and gameplay. Reminds me of a few older flash games. Simple but interesting. 

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The reporter lady is pretty hot lol. The entire game reminds me of the "not for broadcast' game that came out a few years ago only horny which makes it more fun. It also has this early internet flash game charm to it where things are simple, ugly, naked, horny, and funny at the same time. Loved it. XD
Lol, sorry if this comment gets reposted, itch started acting weird when I was trying to save it XD

Interesting game. I love the enviroment design a lot. Pretty fun, kind of like horny happy wheels meets Getting Over It. I'm not so good at these games myself but I can see people having a lot of fun with it.

short but pretty fun and silly. I could totally see this concept being expanded into a much larger game. Also gives me some interesting ideas XP

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when there is an update ready we will. Granted Ren'py is not the best at making android versions but they usually work okay.

thank you XD

kinktober the game.

project revive.

the royal cake.

broken toys.

thats all for now.

Solaria is one of the characters that has appeared in many of our stories, comics, and games. She just won't leave us alone lol

agreed. this may be an idea I work on eventually but not yet lol

work doesn't max. the game can go for 100+ days. work just makes money. You don't spend the shrine tokens, you just need all the shrine tokens for the harem ending. 

lol thanks for the support. yes we are working on those stories. though we are on hiatus from any nfsw content for now, we will get back to them eventually. As for tags, we'll keep that in mind

As a collective, we shades decided that Emerald's projects featuring questional fettish's 'namely age-play' will go strictly onto emerald's account. It should have been all separated to start with, but we had gotten lazy. So you can find E's games here, including poly pantheon with major art update

This is one of the games that inspired us to want to make our own games. The comedy is just so on point. The name is a bit hard to remember but the humor is outstanding. I'll be doing another run of this game soon so I can leave a proper review, but until then, this game really made a big impact on our life. Thank you for making it. XD

then you'll be happy to know that's in pretty much every game or story I ever make. We here at Crimson and Co appreciate our big and tall ladies

define 'giantess'
9-12 feet tall is pretty common for us to work with. 20+ feet not so much, though there is one in the works for the sfw channel

Been looking forward to this one for years. So excited XD