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super snake is super

interesting, i was having an idea for an adventure time eroge recently and glad to see one here already

oh wow, i didn't even know that was a thing. I'll be doing that from now on XD

its always possible. XD

"in a world where flesh-like creatures resembling the lower half of a human attempt to steal your clothing, there is only one man to fight them off. With a full crate of dics darts at his disposal he will fill these monstrous holes with the white cream of salvation."

funny game, just surreal enough it could become a thing, and since its mostly polite looking, I wouldn't feel weird playing this for fun. In a strange way it almost reminds me of the old Elf Bowling games.

cute little game, the writing is pretty funny and the gameplay was unique. all in all I liked this. (I think losing to Hammerhips was one of the funniest things I've read in awhile lol)

very nice. i like what i'm seeing so far

i like this style a lot. XD

very nice. we could always use more science fiction space adventures XD

Working on an idea for a monster girl story. My themes were simple, monster girls, pajamas, lesbians.
i've been working on it since the 3rd and nearly done with the main story's writing

ok fixed that. should work all the way through now, at least to the normal endings

there are plans for an NSFW version. i have not had the time to fully dedicate to it yet. as for futanari, there are a few futa in the world but their not common

Update: you can either vote here in the comments or on my subscribestar

odd. have you tried using the browser website?

as someone who just finished a month of crunch time on a project, I one hundred percent understand the need for a break lol.
With that said, I am super excited for the update. I'll be patient but I look forward to it. XD

I get what where their coming from. I just misunderstood the exact nature of this jam myself. But its still a neat idea. However, I also do not use twitter, like at all. So email would be my only option, and that may prove... challenging for privacy reasons. But I'll keep an eye on this jam, if not to join, to at least see what people make.

Though I kind of wish the art here had prior permission from the artists to be used this way by all participants, it... well that only seemed logical to me. That may be a thing that happens in other jams later though.

Ah I see. I think I misunderstood what this game jam was. Was expecting more kekcrock styled inspiration. But the ideas here are interesting this seems more like a collaboration between cover art designer and game maker. But perhaps not what I was looking for.

yes I do

Hi there. My name's Crimson. I am a writer, artist, and game dev (Usually with ren'py). I specialize in weird romances, if you ever wanted to see the heroic knight fall in love with the scary dragon instead of the princess, I'm your person. Always looking for fellow creators to chat with about our craft or even team up.
might be interested in joining or creating a team based on what we're doing for the project

so... what your saying is that to make fanfiction based on their projects that is requiring permission. Which is of course a nice thing to do. But you have the word inspiration confused with fanfiction. are we allowed to actually just be inspired by the cover art and not actually make a fan project based on it? Because though i like the idea of making fan projects based on someone's IP with permission, I would rather just be inspired and make my own thing. Kind of how Pokemon is inspired by digimon. Not at all the same thing but sharing similar ideas.

well i only have a windows computer so that's the only one I can test. if you downloaded the windows version you'll need to play it on windows. if you download the mac version you'll need to play it on mac. Sadly there are no andriod or iphone versions yet

I did some testing on the newest version. I did not see the same error message. Is there anything else you've been seeing on the error screen?

In theory you should be able to open the zip file and extract the game and then start it without issue

so it may not matter much in the long run. but when you download it. there should be the number version, 0.9.2 is the newest. as well as the console version PC or Mac

thanks for letting me know. What version are you trying to install?

I have accounts on a lot of places. Usually under the name TheCrimsonDM. discord, fimfiction, sofurry, deviantart, and even Smashwords to name a few. but Itch has been my recent obsession lol

thanks for letting me know about the bug. It had worked in my play testing, and I was able to figure out what went wrong pretty fast. As for the extra images. This game was made to more resemble one of the fenoxo games, like TiTs or CoC2. It was a fun experiment and taught me a lot about programming. I'm shocked it functions honestly. But when it comes to art, there is not much chance for a lot of art to be in here as it would change the core game. But it is possible I might add more in the final version

done. Thanks for letting me know. It had worked in my initial play tests so I was unaware something had gone wrong. XD

I don't see why not lol. There's at least a couple other males in the castle, I'm sure that someone (or someone) can be worked out

I agree, but unfortunately renpy stopped allowing me to make the apk files. So until I can figure out what happened, I won't be able to make them. With almost no information on how or why this works in the first place my ability to make them has just stopped. But as soon as I figure it out, I'll be making APK files again.

Lol thanks. Glad to hear your enjoying it. XD

This is pretty interesting so far. The art is great, and the direction of the writing is good. The story also seems fun, same as with the world. I also really like the characters and a lot of the themes going on here with the H scenes.

if there is any one issue though, its that the english writing is rough. Like, really, really rough. It feels like those translated japanese H games where they weren't very familiar with english, and this actually causes a lot of the mood to leave. However I think with some editing, and revisions, this could be one of the better H games out there.

keep up the good work, because i'll be back to check out any free updates. At least until the writing is fixed, then I'll check out the paid updates too XD

lol don't count that idea out for the future. In fact... under a spooky old tree and family fun are ideas that might have already been on my mind

dragon fiction is pretty rare in this genera, I'd personally love some saucy dragons. XP

Alright. So this was actually pretty amazing. It has a story which is nice, the characters are all unique and I want to meet them all. The art is fantastic, but most of all, the writing for the adult scenes are really, really well made.

I would suggest this game has me feeling rather inspired... 

For now though, I'll continue enjoying this. XD

Interesting. This is pretty well written, and I can't help but to love the art style. It's very cartoony, and though it never directly shows the 'action' it shows enough for the writing to really carry through. Very inspiring in fact. 

Thank you XD

Good thing there will be a lot of content for you then XP

I am a multi-dimensional shapeshifting outsider. I am also a two-dimensional cartoon but that might be a little too self-aware.