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found some bugs!

1. Spider-maker animation sometimes just glitches out, especially if you let them do it on Hailey again immediatly.

2. Honey maker 3p throws Hailey into a knocked down- get up loop.

3. Spider-maker animation is awesome, but since spider pulls out when it ends Hailey probably shouldnt be muffling xD

Thanks for the update, love the new 3p spit-roasts. XD

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Hello, will check this issue and get back you. 

Yes, I was expecting such feedback. Took the idea from Ashley kidnapping scene in RE4.


All issues you mentioned are solved.

1.Solved. It mostly happens if a spider is the initiator.

2.This glitch was due to a code of line misplaced.

3.Done. Thank you for putting attention on this one.