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Glad you got what i meant! :D

LAGS the wrong audio problem for 3p 4p goblins and headhunter in gallery mode is still not fixed yet ><

sound effect for goblin trio and squad, head hunter is wrong in gallery mode x)

I strongly suggest there should be a zoom in function in gallery mode!

For a game that only requires $2 to support with excess to everything i have absolutely no problem with the wait lol, hell $2 is like... 2 cans of coke here.... - - You should really see the other games that require patreon supports.... Maybe my luck sucks but LAGS is by far the best I've seen xD

found some bugs!

1. Spider-maker animation sometimes just glitches out, especially if you let them do it on Hailey again immediatly.

2. Honey maker 3p throws Hailey into a knocked down- get up loop.

3. Spider-maker animation is awesome, but since spider pulls out when it ends Hailey probably shouldnt be muffling xD

Thanks for the update, love the new 3p spit-roasts. XD

Can't wait! As i dont know why my bluestacks couldnt run the game ><

I wish PC version can come out at the same time too :(


does that mean there will be a PC version on the next update? :DDD

i tried with blue stacks 5 and i get a black screen with only audio : (

Can the android version work on blue stacks?

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is 0.3 only for android? I don't see the link for the rebuild version :(

Love it!!!! It was so worth the wait xDD
I found a problem though

in the animation gallery quite a few of them are missing sound effects  ><


super looking forward to the update! not meaning to rush you but literally hitting the refresh button every 15 mins xDD

is it up yet? 0.2 XD