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Hey!! I know that you're not working on this at the moment, but I just wanted to say that this game seems adorable, and I love the plot of it!! :)

I'm glad you like the concept :3 Actually, I am sort of working on it in the background :D Well, I haven't worked on anything throughout June since I took a break to participate in the 30 Days Wild challenge, but now that I'm back to working on my projects, I'm working on both DD and CiQ at the same time :3 I just hated how long CiQ had been on hold, and needed to work on something different to DD cos sometimes it gets a bit stressful only working on one thing, haha.

I did have a brand new demo ready to go for CiQ ages ago with the new sprites + full VA, but it was supposed to launch alongside a Kickstarter, and since that never happened, the demo wasn't released >.< Back in April though, I finished off the epilogue stuff for the story and started trying to get the old cast back together for potentially voicing the whole game :3 Not everyone is on board, but some are. I have no idea when I'll eventually finish the entire game to get it released though with it being a full-length one, but someday! x3