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Thank you so much!! It is now working :) I appreciate your assistance!

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I'm afraid the icon still isn't appearing on my save files, unless I'm doing something wrong :(. Would you mind if I were to send a message on Discord with some more specifics? So sorry for this bother! >.<

Hi! I'm playing the game at the moment, but struggling to grasp how to trigger the true ending. While I have all the locks but eight and have completed the two routes needed, upon making a new file the lock at the bottom still has no yellow key :(. I know this is something up with my terrible logic and not the game, but I figured I should ask as I'm stuck lol. Thank you so much for your time! ^^

Hey!! I know that you're not working on this at the moment, but I just wanted to say that this game seems adorable, and I love the plot of it!! :)

The end of next year? If that is possible, that's amazing! :D

Thank you for replying!

Hello! I would just like to say, I downloaded the demo for this a few weeks ago, and I absolutely LOVED IT! This game is right up my alley in every way possible - boarding schools, romance, and the plot twist and ghosts? Just- aaaaaaah-

I hope that one day the full game will be released, and then I can spend a few days playing it non-stop. :D