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Google Translated Message:

I really like this game. I really hope that the author will get better and better. I have some ideas and suggestions. I don't know if the developer will accept it:

1. Cancel the upper and lower boundaries and the gravity system to change to the regional boundary. For example, a circular boundary allows the player to freely move up and down in the area.

2. Change the reward mechanism and construction mechanism, and change the collection of ore resources so that players can use their own ore and resources to build weapons and squares, such as destroying the enemy's squares or parts, dropping ore and resources, or in the map area. Set up mines to mine and collect through damage or certain specific equipment.

3. Change the mechanism of weapons, shields, and energy. The cooling time of the weapon is cancelled and replaced with the amount of ammunition, the speed of shooting, and the speed of changing the bomb. Ammunition can be built on its own using ore or some of the resources collected. Energy and shields can also be provided by consuming ore or resources.

4. Expand the degree of freedom of the map, the player can freely enter and exit the map, so that if the ammunition is finished, you can choose to retreat. This is more humane, and there is a reason to know that it is hard to beat the hard bar. If you don't want the player to retreat so easily, you can increase the mechanism of the enemy's pursuit or the withdrawal penalty mechanism.

The above four are my personal ignorance, I don't know if the developer can adopt it. My ability to express is a bit poor, and some places may not be clearly expressed. If I can, I will summarize it and send a document to the developer.

Finally, I wish the developer the better.


It was really really interesting to read your post. I did get help from some friends who speak Chinese to clarify up some of the points where the translation seems sketchy. So heres my response to your four points.

1. This was a very interesting one to think about. While I don't exactly think a circular boundary is the solution, I do agree that there is a weird issue with how the map works right now, especially with the whole looping thing going on. MY plans in the future is to have players be able to explore a large area. If the area is a shop or loot then they cold go around looking for a friendly island or a loot box floating around to interact with.

2. From the sounds of this, it sounds like you want me to create crafting items that serve no purpose on the island, but can be forged and crafted into the blocks and items on your island. Then you would earn these items instead and probably have more control over your island design. That part could actually work in a much future update (you'll see what I mean when we get there). As for setting up mines, it takes away from the rogue like feel to the game and turns it more into a survival game.

3. Ammunition, my old friend... Early in the original prototype development a basic ammo system was actually in place for your floatrons. You would have a certain amount of fuel and when it ran out, your floatrons just stopped working and you died. It felt pretty terrible. A day before I would submit the prototype, I woke up with this crazy idea: what would happen if we removed fuel from the game? Turns out, the game became immensely more fun and infinitely less frustrating. With regards to weapon ammunition, I'm not exactly sure how that will impact the game, but I feel a player has enough to worry about already without having to think about stocking up on ammunition and fuel.

4. This one is interesting because of an update I have been planning basically since the start of the game. Firstly,  a surrender option would be cool, or just some way to forfeit the rewards and move on but take a life of damage. Secondly, I feel that this kind goes back to point 1. If the map was made bigger, and you could explore it, I would most probably remove the looping feature so that if you wanted to retreat, you could just run away like a little coward. 

Thank you so much for your feedback and suggestions! You have given me quite a lot to consider and I really like thought provoking comments like this! 

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Hello Author, let me reinterpret my second suggestion:

I mean destroying enemy islands will drop ores. Players can collect ores into warehouses. Then use the ore in the warehouse to make weapons and build islands.

For example, destroying an enemy gravel Island,it will drop 1 kg of gravel ore,players can collect 1 kg of gravel ore into the warehouse.Then the construction material of a piece of gravel is set to be 1 kg gravel,Gatling manufactures 1 kg of material,players can use 1 kg of gravel ore to build a gravel island or a Gatling.

Let me correct the translation,矿(mine)and 地雷(mine)english translation is  same.I mean setting up a mining area on a map is not deploying mines.

The author must have played with the Slay the Spire. I don't think the card rewards for  Slay the Spire are very suitable for this game,so I put forward the suggestion of using minerals to build islands and weapons.