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I've just completed a Let's Play review of your game, and I'll include the link below. I liked the unique art style and the battle system seemed to be very thought out and I was enjoying it. The game did unfortunately crash when I tried to cast "Mana Ball", so I was unable to finish. The language barrier was also a bit difficult to get around, and the tutorial scrolled by a bit too quickly for me to catch. You have a good baseline here, and I'd love to give it another look once you get time to work through the prototype. Good job!

Thank you for playing.
As instructed by NPC, you will know that key M is open mini map.
You will be tracked quest by the symbols on the mini map
Casting skill should be targeted to the enemy unit, otherwise you will wait longer for the skill to be processed (animated effect).
After that battle. There will be mini games.
Thank you for the review, the next version I'll get native speakers translate complete in terms of language.