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Hi, i have this error -->

Weird, I never had this bug... I tried to replicate it but found nothing... Looks like it's early in the game. From the image it looks like you used 2♠ to buff your character and then clicked the play button. Do you have any other detail? I'll try to look more into it.

I think I stopped selecting a card and hit play. I don't remember well...

I can't replicate it again :(


Good. hahaha ;D

Anyways thanks for telling, I'll try to find it still!

ok xD

Ha! Found it!

The bug happened when you clicked a card, didn't use it, and on the next turn you clicked on a target without selecting a new card. The game remembered the card (it shouldn't), but the related data was erased when the new turn started.

Fixed now! Thanks again!