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Oof!  I love the style, but man, the graphics distort horribly every time anyone moves and it really gives me a headache.  Also, story is interesting but extremely hard to follow the timeline.  There's some obvious time jumps going on here, and there's no context between the scenes.  It almost feels like an RPG flow chart in video game form.  I feel like it would have been better if you just had us go to the mock battle and the demo into the first mission.  I love LMMV and GubiD, but if those graphics are going to distort like that, you may want to give strong consideration to another system.  It looks like problem is tied to the camera movement script you're using.  I suspect it wouldn't have been nearly as bad if you hadn't made the game in fullscreen.


Thank you for playing!

It appears to be both the isometric script and engine limitation, because it does run smoothly on smaller maps with fewer objects. We'll definitely have to look into optimizations.

We're very sorry if the story feels rushed, because we planned something bigger, and this prototype was supposed to be its prologue of sort. We'll fix this in later releases after we have clearer project goals.