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Love the meta humor! Really enjoy the hybrid pixel-illustration art style too. Combat is responsive and engaging, rewarding careful play and environmental awareness while requiring you to be quick on your feet. Obtaining the ability cards after each battle feels very rewarding and interesting. Very impressed by this prototype!

I kinda bumbled into the art style half way through the process of making the game.  So obviously I will need to go through and make everything more uniform.  The Burger Bomb building doesn't match up well.  I really look forward to adding more and more animals to the game.  I laughed till I cried when that awful turtle animation crawled across the screen the first time.  but it obviously needs to look a lot better.  I was just trying to cram as much in there as I could and make it good enough in some spots to get across the point that things would look that good everywhere.

Thank you for pointing out the humor.  After working on the game and seeing the same jokes over and over again I start to second guess if they were funny or not.