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It's amazing. I usually don't like a mix of SciFi and erotic, but this one is definitely an exception. All characters are very different, but masculine and charismatic. The art is good. The story is VERY interesting. No silly cheesy drama (so far), main character is just a lonely young guy looking for a fun, but he's in a difficult situations. (I just hope the game will not force us to one-guy route). That's catchy. Also, seems like the game tries to summarize your choices and MC changes accordingly - like, you choose angry and impulsive answers, and he talks and behaves differently in all future dialogues. That's an amazing approach! Also, texts and dialogues are quite informative. No excessive unnecessary details or re-phrasing of same thing hundreds of times. I will definitely support this project

Thank you so much! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it.