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He is on the observation deck. The access hatch is on the map, but it’s not explicitly marked…

USE the Phone on an object (Click the phone icon in the inventory, then click on a person or object or hotspot).

No, that's just something he says. But after winning a certain number of games, the characters... get more comfortable...

Yes. It's more of a Clue game than a visual novel.


Ummmm.... would you believe he has a twin? 😁

I can't wait to see what everyone does! Good luck and have fun :)

Yeah, this is pretty much it. You have to peek at Zed in the bathroom, which makes you curious about his anatomy.


I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it!

Fun and addictive, and a clever use of RenPy!

You need to extract the archive and inside you'll find a "" file. You should be able to double-click that (or run it from a command line).

Yes, he can be found.

The room is kind of hidden on the map (it's not labeled).

Yes, 1.0 has complete artwork and routes!

On PC, you'd hover over the save game and hit the delete key on your keyboard. There's not a convenient way to do that on Android, unfortunately without a physical keyboard.

Ah, yeah, it did go away on PC on accident. You should still be able to use the close button in the title bar I hope.

Yes, I am definitely planning on having it available for Android!

I don't like when they're too hard either. SO, the mini-games have a difficulty level (Easy/Hard/Normal), and you're also able to skip them if you don't want to do them!

I can’t wait to see what you’ve been working on!

That one is found if you're curious about Zed's anatomy.


When you're in the bathroom with Zed, you need to peek at him. Later when exploring the ship, if you go to the med bay, you'll find Doc's computer has a biology book running.

Thank you ☺

I'm hoping to put together a guide for the CGs once I get everything finalized more or less.

Also, you can have as many save games as you want. It only has 9 pages on the screen, but you can use the arrow icon to go to Page 10 or higher.

I would love to see this issue addressed and fixed. As is, I wouldn’t want to make a web game available to users until this is fixed.

I'm getting ready to release 0.98, which fixes this problem. It should be available this weekend.

Oh no, thanks for letting me know 😖

That's a new conversation I added and I forgot to account for old save games. Hitting Ignore will let the game continue and I'll make a patch to fix it before the next release.

Anytime! I'm glad you were able to get them all!

Kol has potentially three scenes, the scene in the shower, an oral scene in his quarters in Chapter 8, and the final love scene in Chapter 10.

You have to have oral sex earlier with Razix (I believe in Chapter 5), and then have sex with him in Chapter 6. That will get you #16 in Chapter 10. If you did this and also told Razix you loved him earlier, then you'll have the option to top him and that will get you #15.

In Chapter 4 after you eat the sticky meal, you go to the locker room to clean up. If you haven't been playing the game shy, you're given the opportunity to "Take a Peek". If you do that, you'll become curious and when you explore the ship you can look at the anatomy book in the med bay.

You will only see it if you are in the Zed route. 

It's like a warrior tattoo 😉

I do have a couple more CGs planned. The next one for Nasir's route, and the one after for Doc's.

To get that one, you have to peek at Zed in the locker room, which will make you curious. The when you explore the ship later, go to the med bay and you’ll find Doc’s anatomy book.

Thanks so much! 😊

Sorry, that's not an option 😁

I'm glad you enjoyed it. I was definitely going for different experiences with each route and I'm happy that came through!

I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm glad you enjoyed Razix. He comes in strong, but he's really just looking for love.

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it 😁

Yup, this is correct. Choose the Kol route, but avoid any kind of romantic contact with him. When Nasir confronts you in the galley, you'll get three choices.

There is just the one 😉