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Greetings everyone, it's me again! So I checked out newest testing branch version and it's great, graphical changes and level design improved, but... here I am at the cage boss and as I expected it spawns 2 minions that I easily defeat. Then it spawns 3. Then 4. Then there is a constant stream of a whole horde of minions all mobbing up on me and pushing me around. I am experienced player, I didn't fall, and it was a fun battle, but I imagine some players will be... puzzled, if they have to fight constantly increasing number of minions for what feels like 20 minutes. Was this intended? I remember people were arguing that cage boss was hard back when there were 2 minions, but here it's just a zerg-rush, they just don't stop. Boss used to absorb itself to spawn these little minions, but now it does so at a slower rate. This is cool for a hard mode, but new players gonna be massacred)

On the picture - this is just the beginning, there's gonna be more of them...

I'm not even sure this counts as a bug or just slight disbalance

Hey, welcome back!

We have increased spawn rate to make this boss less farmable and have a more of risk-reward thing while fighting it's minions. It might be too hard, but with certain tactics the boss is easy no matter what spawn rate it has. I'll keep an eye open for it's difficulty, although with upcoming changes to the game, we won't have to reduce the difficulty. Thank you!