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This game is like Undertale with Dancing.

(Put that on the box)

And that's a really good thing. I played through the normal mode today and holy wow this shows some real potential for an awesome game. It definitely has some of the hallmarks of an unfinished game, some areas, specifically the night club felt a little bit unfinished, with the all blue wall texture, but that very well may have been a Stylistic choice, in which case, it was fine. My only major complaint is with the over world, the player felt a bit slippery, and a little slow over long stretches. I would suggest either speeding the player up, or, (And this is probably a better idea) shortening some of the space between areas just a little bit. Not a lot, but just enough to speed up some sections. Obviously you should keep some sections longer for dramatic effect, but some random in between areas felt a little long.

Other than that, the intro where the weird rainbow drug trip is talking to you feels a little long, and especially being able to choose no and then having to re watch the entire thing was a tad bit annoying. I'd recommend being able to push a button to speed the text up, like in Pokemon games.

I felt that this game was overall a really wonderful experience, it was really weird and interesting, and the mix of 3D and 2D and the dynamic camera zoom in some areas of fights were just so cool. The developers did a good job of capturing that Undertale vibe while mixing their own unique mechanics and ideas with it.

-Ashton Arnold


Great to hear! Thanks for your sincere feedback! :)
I agree on the parts you mention like the rainbow trip can be a bit to long, I hope to find a better way to communicate this at somepoint :)

Have a nice one! :D