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We are doing our best to have the game ready. I don't think we will really abandon the itch platform, we are just overcrowded with a lot of info that we really want now to just focus on making the game more than ready and think of where to publish it as the last choice. 

I don't want to confirm anything for now! Don't see it as completely discarded, we just don't have plans for that right now.

Hello! We don't have any plan for now to release it on Itch!

It will be first available in Steam and Nintendo Switch :)

Hey! Glad you liked it. Just add an if statement to check if the tag is equal to "Wall" for example.

Unfortunatly not for the demo. We are looking foward to it for release, not confirmed yet Hey, here is ours.
Thank you for your support, lets end this injustice. 

Thanks for the feedback!


Thanks for the suggestion 

It depends on the region where you live but similar prices like other indie games. 9.99$ or 9.99 euro. :)

There will not be a linux or mac port for release

The incinerator is beatable but don't expect to much new content :)

A very enjoyable video, thank you for making it and all the positive vibes!

Thanks for the feedback, glad you enjoyed it!

We will need to make sure the bosses are less cheeseable :)

Feedback noted, thank you!
Great to hear that you enjoyed the demo! :)

Make sure to stay in touch and you will

Thank you!

Image result for buddha smile

The buddha represents a *lot* ;)

The topdown character movement has been configured for future release!

It was something was mainly something we got working and figured we improve afterwards. The test was mainly looking into the battle mechanics and getting the event systems working :)

Yeah the flashing effects are quite a lot, we should look into having it being less blinky.

aw yea! :D

Good thing you stayed long enough to get to that part ! :D

Awesome! I hope the full product will give you the same feeling all over ;)

That means a lot !
Thank you! :)

Finish the game then!!

Awesome to hear :) I really like to work with it aswell!

Good that you enjoyed the retro visuals!
Yeah it isn't really a rythm game but it kind of comes across as one!

Thanks for the suggestion but sadly we are already in to far in development to make a game engine change! :)

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Great to hear! :D Next video is going to be very interesting! 

Great amount of feedback, good insight and nice clarifications. We have several ideas to put into action to counter some of these but I will return to this comment throughout development to make sure I feel satisifed this has been answered well :)

Awesome to hear that you enjoyed the game overall!

Also we are currently making the full game ;)

It will certainly be available in steam as a full game :)
I don't think Toby Fox will think its a bad thing, for Everhood existing. Everhood has certainly been influenced by Undertale :)

Did you finish the vertical slice?

Yes this is something we will have fixed on full release! :)

Great that you had a good experience! :D

Awesome to hear!
We will most likely not do a kickstarter, if we do this game its because we think there is a audience that wants this and focus on getting the game done rather than a presentation page :)

Facing death can be confusing

But I am glad you enjoyed the game :)

 The one additional complaint i maybe have is that dying feels a bit wrong when the game just fades away. Some animations would be very nice and maybe seeing the enemies celebrate and stop attacking would help. 
Yes very good point, thank you!

Great to hear your overall good experience, thanks for all your input! Very good  to hear :)

oh you gonna get variety

Right! Its a very cool character look
Its a mystery why Geno isn't around more!

But I am glad I got to do it  thou:)

Haha well I am glad you stopped by and commented it!
Thank you! :)

Well someboday had to make a game with such awesome visuals!

I also think I will probably redraw the character sprite a bit, not because he resembles geno to much but because I think I can do better :)

To bad you had to experience such bugs :(
But I am glad you seemed to have a good time otherwise :)

Hopefully we will iron out the issues for release!
Have a great one!

No neither of us have played that series, seems like a cool game with intresting battle system thou! :D