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Great to hear! :D Next video is going to be very interesting! 

Great amount of feedback, good insight and nice clarifications. We have several ideas to put into action to counter some of these but I will return to this comment throughout development to make sure I feel satisifed this has been answered well :)

Awesome to hear that you enjoyed the game overall!

Also we are currently making the full game ;)

It will certainly be available in steam as a full game :)
I don't think Toby Fox will think its a bad thing, for Everhood existing. Everhood has certainly been influenced by Undertale :)

Did you finish the vertical slice?

Yes this is something we will have fixed on full release! :)

Great that you had a good experience! :D

Awesome to hear!
We will most likely not do a kickstarter, if we do this game its because we think there is a audience that wants this and focus on getting the game done rather than a presentation page :)

Facing death can be confusing

But I am glad you enjoyed the game :)

 The one additional complaint i maybe have is that dying feels a bit wrong when the game just fades away. Some animations would be very nice and maybe seeing the enemies celebrate and stop attacking would help. 
Yes very good point, thank you!

Great to hear your overall good experience, thanks for all your input! Very good  to hear :)

oh you gonna get variety

Right! Its a very cool character look
Its a mystery why Geno isn't around more!

But I am glad I got to do it  thou:)

Haha well I am glad you stopped by and commented it!
Thank you! :)

Well someboday had to make a game with such awesome visuals!

I also think I will probably redraw the character sprite a bit, not because he resembles geno to much but because I think I can do better :)

To bad you had to experience such bugs :(
But I am glad you seemed to have a good time otherwise :)

Hopefully we will iron out the issues for release!
Have a great one!

No neither of us have played that series, seems like a cool game with intresting battle system thou! :D

I find it awesome that you want to show it you your friends aswell! Makes me happy :)
Also great to hear you had fun :D

Great to hear that you had nice experience 

But you still got quite some left ;)
I hope you will be able to finish the vertical slice soon!

Thanks for the feedback! 

Oh!Awesome!Thank you very much! Yes, we are cooking some big things for Everhood ;)

Awesome! Thank you for your feeedback :)

Great to hear! Thanks for your sincere feedback! :)
I agree on the parts you mention like the rainbow trip can be a bit to long, I hope to find a better way to communicate this at somepoint :)

Have a nice one! :D

Thank you for your honest feedback! :)
We learned a lot during the vertical slice of how to make it a better experience and I hope to be able to apply it to the game.
It touches on things you mentioned!
Have a good one!

Since there is the option for the first two it just felt weird not to be able to do it with the other two ^^
Could be interesting for people who want to finish a boss without getting hit for example. They probably don't want to replay the whole game to get there again (sure, not saving after the boss would work too, but would still be nice to be easily accessable in some way too)

I totally understand. We are potentially discussing a bossrun mode where you could select battles later. For now we added replayability if players needed to "practice".  Storywise I don't want every battle to be replayable because if enemy disappears or similar in the next scene.

Thank you and great to hear! I hope we make it aswell :)

Amazing to hear, Thank you for making a video!
Very encourging words, truly motivating :)

Great to hear that you enjoyed it so much!
We will definitely experiment with gimmicks on other battles if we continue with development! :)

I want to keep the controlls simple so most players can pick up and play thou :)

Amazing to hear! :D Thank you!

Thank you for your valueable feedback! :)

I agree the intro can drag on a bit, maybe if I can incorparte it better in final release with some movement or similar.
I do feel like the game needs a ominous start to get you in the mood!

What do you mean by powers? Like powerups?

Is good feedback and I will consider it.
But I feel it also ruins the experience a bit :(

I have been thinking having shorter songs in several parts

Awesome to hear! ME TOO

Keep at it! You can figure it out! Meanwhile we will ponder how to make it easier!

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Very valueable feedback, thank you!
We will examine all the things and patch them out :)

Really like the idea of the game and the difficulty curve felt relatively fair too for a more or less hard game. First time I died was during the disco fight (first "red wave").
Great to hear!

Sometimes it felt like I should have gotten hit, and at other times it felt like I got hit when I shouldn't (Probably just my "bias" though, so no worry. It certainly isn't inconsistent by code etc., just wanted to mention it anways)
Yea we recently changed some important elements of this. We examine it futher a bit

You should really tone down those flashing colors in the last fight. It was the only time where I felt irritated/got a headache, and it wouldn't feel like something is missing if the second of flashing colors weren't there.
This is some sort of bug, I will try to fix this. I know what sequence you mean

Maybe you could add a setting for "text speed", since it really felt rather slow in certain situations (I'm not somebody who skips text btw. but it is just too slow for me in general)
We will try adjusting this with skippable parts etc.

Would be nice if the last 2 bosses were replayable too. 

Good to hear you mention this! Did you want to fight them several times or another reason?

Btw. are the brown spots in the disco something special or just some beverage puddles?
Lets leave that as a mystery, I don't even want to know.

If you go back to the start you see your broken body and the thief. Keep in mind that this happened when I went back to the start after the last boss (no idea if it happens earlier too).
Yes, we are currently looking into this one!

It is also possible to stand "on" the disco boss (doesn't seem intended since his lower body has a hitbox, but his upper body doesn't)
Yeah I guess its a bit weird with the collision but otherwise he is blocking such a big space. 
It kinda looks fun aswell so I don't really want to change it :D

Sometimes floor tiles are visible in non-reachable areas (so they should probably be blacked out). On example of this is visible when you are in the room with white face and look at the bottom right of the screen.
I am not sure why this is a problem thou?

Thank you so much for your feedback and adding these pictures for the extra mile, I bet it took some extra work to do this but it really helps us to understand the issues you had. 

I am glad you enjoyed the game and hope you stick around to see more! :D

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Everhood is inpired by many things but it wouldn't have looked like this if it was not for Undertale, so it has been a big inspiration but I hope Everhood  brings something new to the table than being portrayed as a Undertale clone.

Play the game and let me know what you think :) //Chris