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Am I missing something with the faster version? I loaded both versions onto my Playdate, and the fast version runs identically to the slow version. It's not faster at all.

Faster version runs at 50 fps instead of 30 fps of the normal version. I do not own the real device yet so I only can test with the device emulator. Other players with real devices experimented a little game speed up with fast version. Best regards.

On a real device, it is definitely not faster unfortunately. It's still a nice little take on Pac-Man for the Playdate, but I can confirm that the fast version runs identically to the normal version on a real device.

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Ok, thanks for your tests and comments. Please could you try the new version I just uploaded? It's called

I hope it runs faster in the real hardware than previous versions.

Thank you!

That definitely fixed it! The final version runs a lot faster now on real hardware. Thanks!

Thank you for your help!

Best regards