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A nice clone of Puzzle League/Panel de Pon, but I would strongly recommend doing more to differentiate the blocks other than just outlines of shapes. Use dithering patterns to help simulate different colors. Fill in some of the shapes. Do something to make it easier for your eye to easily pick up the difference between each block type. They look too similar in its current state, which makes the game unnecessarily difficult.

Edit: Look at the Puyo Puyo clone I just saw posted for a perfect example of  how to make them look different. It does a wonderful job of making each of the blob colors look different from each other on the Playdate's screen.

That definitely fixed it! The final version runs a lot faster now on real hardware. Thanks!

On a real device, it is definitely not faster unfortunately. It's still a nice little take on Pac-Man for the Playdate, but I can confirm that the fast version runs identically to the normal version on a real device.

Am I missing something with the faster version? I loaded both versions onto my Playdate, and the fast version runs identically to the slow version. It's not faster at all.

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Does the NES rom work on MiSTer FPGA? 

Edit: I ended up just giving it a try, and yes it does indeed work on the MiSTer!