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hello, i'm sorry you have this issue. i'm not quite sure what the issue might be as i've tested on mac with no issues. all i can suggest is the following:

- ensure you are playing in a directory which has write privileges, as the game needs to save info to the game directory

Ah, that’s probably it then. I was playing the game directly from my Downloads folder and the system never prompted me to grant it write access.

Okay yeah running it from Desktop works fine. Thanks!

thank you for confirming! 


BTW, in the future it would probably be better to write save data into a directory in ~/Library/Application Support/ or ~/Library/Caches or the like (e.g. ~/Library/Application Support/Caterpillar Comittee/) since that’s what macOS expects for non-document save data (and they expect documents to be written out through the system file dialog). Apple is getting really strict about their security policy these days.