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There's absolutely zero indication that this is a NSFW game until people hover over it or click on it.  I'd like to request the title/blurb include an 'NSFW' tag or something.  Thanks.


That's fair - I've added a NSFW to the title. Sorry if it was a negative experience.

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No negativity at all SierraLee; I appreciate the consideration of adding in the tag to the title.

I merely wanted to point out that there is was nothing in the title/description/blurb to warn others who may actually be offended by such material.  I know itch has an 'adult content' thing but that filter is pretty iffy (and already being discussed on how to improve it).  It is also useful for people who may not be aware of the filter in the first place.  I believe it is on by default but sometimes the application bugs out and randomly disables it for some reason (at least on my computer).

I'm not offended by hentai or other porn-y games.  At least all of the females featured in your work are adults (and look like adults) so zero issues there.  The requested change was more of a pre-emptive 'cant say we didnt warn you very obviously you silly person dont click this unless you want it' type of thing ;)