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Weird - glad that took care of it!

Hello. I'm afraid that doesn't sound like any game I've made - perhaps you could try the download again?

What you say about Steam is correct, but the situation is a little tricky because the game was accepted under the old system. Given how inconsistently Valve has acted at times, I'm reluctant to test them on this. All future games will go up uncensored, though!

That's fair - I've added a NSFW to the title. Sorry if it was a negative experience.

I've put it up here:

Glad you enjoyed the first one!

I've put it up here:

Glad you enjoyed the first one!

I'm really sorry, but I can't guarantee support for Android devices - I created an Android version because the engine said it could export it and I try to support as many formats as I can. Some people claim they've gotten the game to work, but I don't know what they did.

Hi, are you saying that no audio is playing for you? That's odd, I'm afraid I haven't heard of anyone else having that problem.

There's no system set up for that, sorry.

It's unnecessary for this version. Well, there might be a typo fixed, but otherwise it was issues that were caused by the need for a patch.

I have had bad experiences with MV updates, but if this one actually supports Linux exporting, I may be convinced to upgrade. I will look into it, but for now, I've removed the mention of Linux from the game page. Sorry for the false advertising.

Thank you very much! I am glad you enjoyed my game, and thank you for the Steam review! They really do help. ^-^

You can turn your Steam version into the NSFW version with the patch here:

I used to have more clear information about it on Steam, but sadly Steam is being very frustrating about NSFW content. =(

I'll always make a Linux version if the engine I use for the game supports Linux. In practical terms, that means all my VNs will have one, but few of my RPGs will.

Glad to hear!

Sorry, but there isn't. I thought the Android version would work natively in Linux, but it only works for Linux users running emulation. I'd remove that version, but there's been continued interest in it.

Well, at least this Linux version should work smoothly for you if you decide to get it later! Ren'py supports Linux much better than MV.