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Sorry, I don't update the build here regularly. Getting it from here should be exactly the same as downloading it from my blog, though!

Thanks for your attention to detail, but I think this was an issue that it's somewhat hard to stop the player from doing. Since her first outfit is useless compared to the others, I decided it was an acceptable loss.

Thank you! It's always nice to hear from people who responded to what I tried to do with these two. ^-^

I have ideas for the rest of Lizzie and John's lives, but I don't know if I'll make games for them. Hearing from people who continue to enjoy them makes it more likely, though!

Unfortunately, I can't test Mac builds thoroughly, so I can't say what might be an issue on your end. 

This game is a fairly standard RPG Maker build, so there shouldn't be anything unusual about it. I'd suspect the file was locked by anti-virus software, perhaps. The only thing it needs permission to do is extract to a folder, then run from there.

You're trying to play the game through an app? When you run the file you download, it will extract the game into its own folder. You should be able to run it from there, but it may not work through this app.

Normally I'd like to help, but I'm pretty busy trying to finish an update for this weekend. If you ask on the wiki forum I'm sure you'd get customized responses:

Thanks for the kind words! I'll keep putting out work, so I hope you continue to enjoy it. ^-^

F5 is the intended toggle for full screen mode, though you can also use Alt+Enter.

Download the version that has "RTP" in the title instead.

Thanks for giving your thoughts about the game! I'm glad you enjoyed it in the end. ^-^

If you check my blog/Patreon, there's a roadmap some ways back, but I'll give the quick version. Chapter 5 is the last full chapter of the game, but there will be an epilogue, final challenges, and a postgame. When I've done everything I intended with TLS, it will reach its ending, and that ending will be definitive. I might do other projects in this world, but no true sequel.

Good luck with your octogenarian neighbor. =P

Haha, no SMT recruiting, but I'm glad you've enjoyed it!

Game.exe should be in the top folder with no need to look any further. Another thing you could check would be if antivirus software is deleting the game because it's an .exe file.

The file you download is an extractor that will create the game folder. So you only need to run it once, then find the folder and run Game.exe.

Glad you enjoyed DoW! I do something a little different with each of my games, but I always care for my plot/characters, so I hope you find more to enjoy. ^-^

For help on quest or strategy questions, you'll probably have better luck on the wiki:

The game has a fixed protagonist.

>At this point, I came to the conclusion that the mage couldn't summon the template of Atreyan because the template was already here.

This wasn't what I intended to hint. Unlike the others, who need to be reawoken each cycle, Atreyan has completely eroded his own template. Later in that battle, when the last boss is summoned, the sorcerer realizes this and makes a comment along those lines.

Atreyan does have memories of the real world, but since he's the player's avatar, he's usually not the one bringing them up.

Sorry, but this engine doesn't support it.

There actually are adult scenes, though they're harder to find. I believe there are guides available on Steam. I'm glad you're enjoying Lizzie and John's story. ^-^

Glad to hear there's no crash now! FYI, saves are really easy to move or backup: in the main folder, you'll see files like "Save01.rvdata2" that can be moved wherever you like.

Thanks for reporting your bug with the error message! Unfortunately, I can't replicate this bug, so it's difficult to know what the issue might be. My first assumption is that your download might have gotten corrupted, Consider downloading a fresh copy, now or in a few hours when I upload the new version.

The RTP version will run on its own anywhere, while the normal one is a smaller file but requires having installed base RPG Maker.

Mac isn't supported by the game engine, sorry.

Thanks! Please rate the game to help it out.

Though I wouldn't entirely rule out a followup, I really didn't intend the ending to Ouroboros to be leading into a sequel. To me, the core story is the characters in their own world for millennia, with their lives back in the real world as a distant epilogue. That said, many fans have wanted to see their ending.

I'm glad you've enjoyed my work!

Unfortunately, I haven't done this myself and can't really provide support! Everyone who has said they got the Android version working said that it was a huge pain, sorry.

Alt+Enter should work.

Not built into the game, but there's nothing stopping you from using a save editor to trivialize the difficulty if you want.

None of my games have any DRM.

Glad you enjoyed it! You're far from the only person to want a sequel, but I actually didn't intend that as a sequel hook.

There's no other CG gallery, sorry.

Weird - glad that took care of it!

Hello. I'm afraid that doesn't sound like any game I've made - perhaps you could try the download again?

What you say about Steam is correct, but the situation is a little tricky because the game was accepted under the old system. Given how inconsistently Valve has acted at times, I'm reluctant to test them on this. All future games will go up uncensored, though!

That's fair - I've added a NSFW to the title. Sorry if it was a negative experience.

I've put it up here:

Glad you enjoyed the first one!

I've put it up here:

Glad you enjoyed the first one!

I'm really sorry, but I can't guarantee support for Android devices - I created an Android version because the engine said it could export it and I try to support as many formats as I can. Some people claim they've gotten the game to work, but I don't know what they did.

Hi, are you saying that no audio is playing for you? That's odd, I'm afraid I haven't heard of anyone else having that problem.