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I am currently working on it! I hope within a month, but can't make promises.

Sorry, I can't maintain alternate versions while the game is under development. I suppose it's potentially possible after the conclusion of the game.

The only potentially helpful information that I can give you is that the game files here haven't changed at all in years.

The android version offered is actually first for Linux users, but I'm afraid it's always been a pain to get it to work on mobile. Sorry that I can't offer specific advice.

There aren't any cheats built into the game, but there are a variety of third party cheat clients that can modify your save. This game is more puzzle and strategy, so I'm not sure what cheating would work best. Increasing your base stats, most likely.

Reviews there would be much appreciated!

Thank you very much!

Sorry, but I can't update every site every update. There's a steadily increasing overhead of time spend uploading, so I try to funnel people to my blog.

Thank you, I hope to make it one day!

I'd given thought to the subject, simply as part of how my mind works on characterization, but you're actually the first person to ever request something like this. I can't promise actually producing something along these lines, but having one person express interest does bring it back to mind. ^-^

I can't say for sure, but every person who loves the games makes it a little more likely that I'll return!

I don't believe so.

If you're not clear, this is a story-based game. There's a relationship between two women that's inevitable, but it's not a matter of player choice.

There are several scenes of it, but the majority of the content is straight.

I've put up higher resolution maps on occasion... I believe they should be available on the wiki, though I'm not completely sure:

Some of the library information should be available there as well, though I'll consider making it available somewhere else in the game. In any case, I'm glad you're enjoying it!

I'll take that suggestion into account!

It sounds like RPG Maker games are somehow being placed in the wrong location for you, but it's impossible to know what's happening on your end. When you click the blue cube, you should get a window that lets you pick a file location. Have you tried various options there, like the desktop?

Give me some contact info so we can talk about details.

I'm not sure what settings you're asking about, to be perfectly honest, but surely they'd be in Japanese. The engine was coded that way, but development has been entirely in English.

I'd need more information about what you intend. Fan translation via a patch?

I'm afraid that the engine doesn't support it by default, and I can't maintain a port while the game is in active development.

Hey, thanks for posting this! I'll refer people here in the future.

You have options: 

1) There are common items called Revival Flasks. 

2) Felana's Stabilize skill can revive people out of combat. 

3) Later on, the Lifejolt skill can revive at any time.

I'm always happy to hear from more people who enjoyed their story. ^-^ Please leave reviews or spread the word however works for you. The continued encouragement I've gotten from fans really does make sequels more likely.

Thanks for the kind words! I have more stories in mind for Lizzie and John, but I'm afraid I can't promise whether or not I'll be able to make them. Since this is my career, I have to be careful about taking on new projects.

The plan for the third game would feature the two of them navigating life as a married couple and the changing social environment due to the events of Dusk and Dawn. Lizzie has deep reservations about having children, and though they would exist in the hypothetical fourth game, she would need time to process the ways in which people can matter to her.

Yeah, this is a cosmetic-only bug I introduced while fixing a trivial bug. It'll be fixed next time, and meanwhile no worries.

Pretty low. I'll give you the minimum requirements I've put on some sites, but honestly it could probably run on an older machine:

  • OS: Windows XP+
  • Processor: Pentium III 500mhz
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Storage: 200 MB available space

It's probably possible to get stuck, but you might also be surprised what's possible. If you're not having fun with a fight, I'd suggest asking on the forum and people might be able to help you through it. I do try to test all fights with a minimum level party to keep balance within a certain band.

Glad you liked that aspect! Pushing together over-the-top yandere tropes and honest communication was one of my big inspirations for Crimson Gray. ^-^

For the newest updates, I'd encourage you to download the version from my blog, which doesn't require any program or framework:

Uploading in more places unfortunately slows down the whole process, but I intend to update the others eventually when we finish the second phase of the art.

Sounds like you're in the place you want to be, then! Hope you enjoy. ^-^

The honest answer is that I don't know. I'm still enthusiastic about my ideas for Lizzie and John's future, but I can't promise that I'll make further games.

I would strongly recommend you upload your old save that seems stuck to the wiki or another forum. If something is missing, someone could help you with it. If there's a bug, I'd like to be able to fix it.

It's up to you whether or not you support. I've mentioned the elements of OEA that might be interesting to you, and I hope players will get a massive build for that this month, but I have enough on my plate before considering any expansions. None of my tiers include adding custom characters, sorry.

Funny coincidence: I've actually employed the creator of Daughter of Essence to build some of the fancier-looking maps in TLS.

I've never worked much with open world games, and I can't promise anything with MMO-style mechanics. When it comes to class-switching, though, one of my upcoming projects might appeal. In Once Ever After, each character has one class unique to them, access to two or three major classes, and seven minor classes. Each class has different stats, but they also give "job points" used for skills, which you can then equip to any class. I think it has potential for the main game, but also lots of endgame optimization for players who want to fight the superbosses.

Regarding Patreon, you can put in any amount that you want, regardless of the tier you choose. If you want to support me that way, you could choose the $50 tier and input whatever you like.

Thanks for the kind words! I've been working on TLS for a long time, so it's always nice to hear from people who enjoy it.

As it happens, I did mean Yarra's line as written: she's asking, "What different activities are we doing?" But the game is only relatively free of typos and grammar errors thanks to reader reports, so it's appreciated!

I don't update the version here every time, but TLS is still receiving regular updates. There was another one just today, as a matter of fact! I also work on other game projects, and though they're not as long as this multi-year project, I try to put the same care into all of them. For example, patrons will soon be able to play an early build of a full RPG called Once Ever After.

These comments aren't regularly visited, so I'd recommend you ask or upload a save on the forum:

This is a pretty reliable site, so I wouldn't imagine that would be a problem. The game is also available on Steam and other platforms, if you prefer that.

Sorry, I don't update the build here regularly. Getting it from here should be exactly the same as downloading it from my blog, though!

Thanks for your attention to detail, but I think this was an issue that it's somewhat hard to stop the player from doing. Since her first outfit is useless compared to the others, I decided it was an acceptable loss.