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Since The Walking Dead and Deadly Premonition, I've been stating that "Starting a game with a conversation in a moving car is great!" Really liked the first interaction between the characters. Caitlyn(Kaitlyn? Sorry, bad memory here) is a really interesting character, well fleshed out, as any good character should be.

The transition from "Car scene" to "Next scene" was kinda odd to me. It's hard to understand what happened by the Sound Effects that play in the black Screen, but if your intention was to actually make it a mystery, then it's fine.


Gameplay wise, it follows the survival horror book, but it's not a bad thing if you manage to create an engaging experience. And that's the case here. Really liked exploring the rooms. The mechanics fit elegantly, search and reward are well ballanced and the layout of the building is really intuitive - you never feel lost or confused.
Also, a good amount of open doors (sounds like a simple element, but a lot of devs make their games frustrating by ignoring these tiny factors: A locked door is an enemy, and if the reward for unlocking it is just... the fact that you've unlocked it, it's like a boss that doesn't give EXP or gold... Why? Right?).

Anyway, back to the game: Unfortunately, Survival Horror is not my thing, so the first "Danger moment" kinda threw me off. I felt it was a little too much for no reason, and also, I couldn't tell if I was dealing damage or losing HP and then I died... Okay, maybe I just panicked, but the game could be improved with a smoother learning curve... 

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Hey thanks so much  for the feedback! I’m really glad you liked the characters so far. The current version uploaded is our insurance against “OMG YOU FORGOT TO SUBMIT?!!” But we are still tweaking it. Thanks for the suggestions!

Also, being a survival horror and not a power fantasy, to survive in this game your first option should always be “get out of the room” or “run”. Fighting is usually a last resort.