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Right now, the fix is simple. You need to take all the files in your game's "backups" folder, copy and paste them over all of the game's "files" folder, and reboot the game and disable all mods. Then restart with an empty mod loader and reload the mods.

Couple things that may help after that:

1) Make sure that the mod's folder name is "AricsExpansion". I had a version uploaded temporarily that was named wrong and it will break, the current link is good.

2) The mod will not work with Constants. Immediately breaks. But as Constants is pretty much just an example mod, shouldn't be an issue.

3) This mod will work with Random Portraits and Delayed Loading. It probably won't work with any other mod, as it's becoming a very extensive overhaul and touches a lot of parts of the game (and the game doesn't like itself being touched twice by mods, however it's done).

If the mod still doesn't work after, let me know if there are any errors in the console (if you're using a console), if you have it downloaded or are doing it on (I think works a little different and haven't tested, but the downloaded version works fine), and anything else. Walked under ladders, broke mirrors, whatever may help. We'll get it working for ya

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i got the mod to work, meaning it doesn't crash all the mods. but i can't talk with any of my slaves.

That's a peculiar one I haven't heard others encountering on this release .Any other mods with it? Added races, etc?  Did you restore the backup files?

The script you had that bug with is about to be majorly revamped in this next release.  Maybe they heard and are just excited for having variable dialogue options?

Iam having the same problem, I only have your mod enabled but for some reason i can't talk to the slaves :/

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i have tried with only this mod and random portrait, and i still couldn't talk with any slaves. but i the only other mods i usually have with this is MEERD, random portrait and delayed portraits

 i also  have restored the backup files yes. i  still have the download in a rar file, so i just delete the whole game and unpack it again.

edit : forgot to mention is still happens, even if it's only this mod on

Damn, I hate to hear that. Should have the new version out soon which should fix a lot of that. I'll try to get it out sooner and double check all of that in statstabs