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  • I played it in the webplayer, it was a little unresponsive but that was probably because of that.
  • The art looks great, but it's not clear to me where I'm supposed to go to.
  • What is the advantage of aiming and then shooting, instead of always having the guy aim?
  • I think some gun recoil would make the shooting more interesting.
  • I would make the mouth red, because I didn't recognize the guy as human.
  • The audio clip isn't all that long, perhaps add a couple more clips and switch between them.
  • A main menu and options menu would also be appreciated.

I did not optimize the Web version as I would like, but I also wanted to avoid to download the game to play with it. 

I tried to guide the player adding lights spot, probably not having a Run button is something bad if the player doesn't know where to go.

Also in not having a run button does not bring advantages between aim mode and not.

Adding a recoil would be nice, but an handicap that I would avoid at the beginning of a game.

In having a menu is definitely a go-to expecially for a prototype, is "Hellblade" from Ninja Theory a less enjoyable game because it does not have a menu? 

Thank you Mika for the feedback! 😀