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I haven't tried it yet as I've been working on mine in 5.21, but whenever you do upgrade it to 5.21 I'm looking forward to unloading mine and trying it. I've dug around in your code some and like what I'm seeing, so I can't wait to see it play out.

I appreciate that! I'll wait until my mod is closer to where I want it and we're all on the same game version, but I'd like people to be able to enjoy both of our mods without having to pick between them.

I just released a new version, and hope you'll check it out!

That all sounds fine. 

When I get home next week, I'll upload a copy of strive 5.20a for posterity and so you and try my mod (if you don't have a copy of 5.20a already, that is).

In short, ponymod adds three new races and integrates them in all places in strive's code. It's more complex than just adding an entry in I have to modify code wherever a race is mentioned... about 5-7 files, I'd estimate. 

It also add a bunch of optional features that can be tuned off or on by editing one of the mod files ( 

 easymode: Tweaks variables to be easier (more start money, etc).
 longpreg: increases pregancy time and decreases growup time.
 feralpreg: Allows feral males to impregnate beastkin females. To turn this on or off, edit
 pubes: replaces shaven vaginas with natrually hairy vaginas. No variance; girls either have no hair (vanilla) or unshaven/natural hair (mod).  furrymode: more furries (+40%) and less humans (-40%).

Does any of that sound interesting?

Sounds good man! I may switch back to try it if you aren't updating it any time soon. I saw and love the settings, I wanted to see how it's implemented. The impregnation settings are definitely going to be a mod conflict, but the inclusion of "feral males" intrigues me to what is going on with the races.

Pubes I was actually workin' on with my version too, as naturally growing over time. Dunno who it's for, but isn't hard to code, the variable is already in the game, and I'm sure it's someone's thing, so why not?

I added a link to strive 5.20a on my mod thread on this site.... So, It looks like about 4-8 hours of work to update my mid to 5.21b, so I'm gunna procrastinate on  that as much as possible

For pubes, I decided to just make it an on/of deal, because I didn't want to program dynamically growing hair lol. There are about six text descriptions in (I think) which describe what natural pubes look like, and send that text to the scene.