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Ok.  Is there a practice ROM for double jumps? I think that is where this is at now.  I am pretty sure I have to either triple jump with quick retries (is that possible?) or hit either of two double jumps with long walks back and my success rate on double jumps right now feels like it is <0.7%. I really have no idea what I'm doing, I just hit "jump, wait till peak, scan, wait a miniscule amount, scan, wait a miniscule amount half as big as the last one, jump" and hope it works, and sometimes it does. 

But it's too rare for me to do outside of a standing jump right now, and the only places accessible with a standing multi-jump that are inaccessible otherwise (to me right now) would need back-to-back double jumps (either 2 or like a million to climb up the waterfall chute in 2.8/3.8) and if I'm right about 0.7% then at 1 attempt per 4 seconds it will take around 16 straight hours for me to have a 50% chance of success and that sounds like practice ROM training time would be a better idea to me.

Okay, for future people, here's what I've figured out:

To double jump, start a scan at the height of your jump.  Then, whenever you want, hit jump BEFORE ending your scan.  You want to end your scan something like 1 or two frames after you hit jump. You don't actually need to push jump after you end the scan, just before it.  As far as I can tell, you are limited to 1 double jump per jump (i.e. no triple jumps) but idk for sure yet.

i've come to the conclusion that making the double jump is way to finicky so it will remain a demo feature - it won't be possible in the full game. i think it makes speedrunning the game more accessible when it's not dependent on frame-perfect input...

That's fair.  It was pretty cool to figure out, though, even if I never got good enough to triple jump.