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OMG, I'm so sorry for the late reply!
I have been pretty much drowned by Steam this week so I haven't have the time to check until tonight ><

Thank you for the detailed review, matchmakingdove1028!
Seriously, nothing makes me happier to see someone love my VN and really passionate about it ^.^- Thank you for being an awesome person and sharing your thoughts with me!


1. Rama -aaaaaa, finally! Rama needs more love! >////<
I've never been so happy to read 5 paragraphs about Rama alone!  Thank you for loving this boy so much until you're able to describe him so vividly! You even noticed the small things, like how Rama 'courted' Tamara with his own way. 
Rama is fragile by nature and we need to be extra careful and patient when dealing with him. His psychology is the most complex of all three and depression is a hard theme to tackle, but overall, I wanted to convey the message of devotion or maybe 'just talk and stay beside him in hard times is enough'. Depression is hard to understand, but I think he don't need sympathy or opinions -he just needs someone to be beside him and listen when he's ready to tell you about his troubles/trauma.

And yes, I agree that Mitra is the best wingman ever! x'DD

2. YES! Bird people/angels has been my fetish every since I saw Yue from Cardcaptor Sakura *cough*
Glad to hear we're on the same boat! x'D Fantasy ftw!

3. rofl, what's the story title? Is it Sangkuriang? That one has a dog too and there's another story about a woman somehow gets pregnant after drinking coconut water(?) we have many strange stories like that so no worries x'D

And thank you! Mitra's speech scene is very hard to pull off, I think I spent many days editing it back and forth -I even went to youtube to look for good speech with keywords like 'general speech to soldiers' or 'worldwar speech' lol. So I'm very happy to hear you like it!

4. Aaah, the one in the ending? Who knows what Purba was thinking ;) it could be that he was regretting his decisions, it could be that he regretted that he didn't kill Tamara and the others earlier when he got the chance... or maybe he was just depressed because his plans didn't work as well as he thought it would be. It's up for the readers to decide x'D

Yup, lol, Mitra has the most accessory compared to the others x'D
Komodos usually wear the fangs of their preys on their neck to showoff, but Avians usually wear accessories to attract a mate or just because they like it. But the white marks on his face, hands, and legs are from a reference from New Guinea... I think, if I remember correctly -it's been years so forgive me if I'm wrong ><

As for the dream, that is Sari calling for someone to help Rama. Sari/Ayu felt bad after leaving Rama in that state and after becoming a Servant, she knew that if no one saves him, he will die. She sent dreams about Rama's hallucinations to Tamara then; how Rama thought about the villagers betrayal, how they laughed and tortured him. The CRACK noise is Rama's last attempt at suicide, which resulted in his broken wing.

And yes again! Thank you for telling me about the glitch, I already fixed it so Rama's good ending should be locked now x')
Kii*Anima and I also fixed some of the automatic events. We decided to make the event where Rama was tied down as a compulsory event so people would at least be able to guess why he acted weird and went missing.

5. Thank you -and don't worry about your ramblings! I had one heck of a time reading it and I can't stop smiling now, grinning like a horse x'D
Again, thank you for telling me your thoughts on each and every character here! I'm really flattered you think they're very human and with their own strength & weaknesses... though I laughed so hard when you pointed out how Mitra wasn't like the other 2 who almost got themselves killed x'DD You also hit the nails on their heads about Yuda and Asih! 

Lastly, thank you so much for playing and enjoying this novel thoroughly!
I've never had a livelier review before and I will definitely treasure this QuQ

Ah, and here's a good news for you:
Winged Ones is coming to Steam very soon! There's going to be a major fix on the grammar, achievement system, and even trading cards later if the game is going well and reached certain threshold of reviewers! But because Steam is a commercial platform, I decided to put a price of $4.99 there >< but for loyal supporters, I'm planning to give out free Steam Keys, so please drop your email here in the comments ^.^-

Aww and thank you so much for the memes! *automatic right-click & save* they're so precious and adorable! >////< I will definitely show them in my update next Monday and cherish them!

Hope to see you again!


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Aahh, I'm glad my comment was able to make you so happy! If anything, I'm glad my feelings were able to reach you, hahaha

Hahaha, I don't think it was Sangkuriang, but that was one of the stories I read for the book fair! When I tried to find the story again to see if I was correct, it seems the website for Indonesian stories had already went down.. It was a pretty good site, too.

It's really amazing to hear how much you researched how to write inspirational speeches! Lol
I know the speech I was talking about was the one where Mitra and Yuda pinned all the blame on Purba but can I just say that the speech Mitra gives right before the final battle is also one of my favorites? There's just a really heavy fantasy vibe to it! "May the goddess guide our arrows true" and such?? THAT'S the good stuff.

Ooh, but now the question remains, where do the avians get their feathers for their accessories? lol

I think that's the first explanation I've ever read for Tamara's dream sequence, and that's really interesting! So my guess was right! I thought the person saying "it's alright, at least he's with us now..." after Rama dies in the other two endings was the goddess, but turns out that was Ayu too, hahaha

No problem! It was an honor to play such an enjoyable game!

That's super exciting!!?!!?! I can't wait to replay it there! My email is Truly, thank you for all of your hard work on this game! I know I say you're amazing a lot, but I really do find it outstanding that, two years into the future, you're still working on this game. It's really easy to see the love and dedication you have for this game... Thank you so much..

No problem! I hope to deliver more memes when Bermuda Triangle comes out, so look forward to that! Hahaha

See you around!

Aah, that's a shame >< 

And yes! After all the work, Mitra's speech was one of my favorite scenes -also, after some grammar fixing by Kii*Anima, I think it became better x'D can't wait to hear your thoughts about it later!

As for the feathers... thank you for asking! Avian women usually used the feathers from their last molting. Of course, they will use only the best-looking feathers to make her look prettier. As for Mitra, he's a pretty sentimental man so can you guess where he got his from? ;) *hint: his family photo~

And YAY! X'D e-mail received! I will deliver the steamkeys sometime this week. Today's update will have sneak peeks about the badges/trading cards system. Do come by and take a look since Steam has some requirements to activate those :'3

See you around!