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Aah, that's a shame >< 

And yes! After all the work, Mitra's speech was one of my favorite scenes -also, after some grammar fixing by Kii*Anima, I think it became better x'D can't wait to hear your thoughts about it later!

As for the feathers... thank you for asking! Avian women usually used the feathers from their last molting. Of course, they will use only the best-looking feathers to make her look prettier. As for Mitra, he's a pretty sentimental man so can you guess where he got his from? ;) *hint: his family photo~

And YAY! X'D e-mail received! I will deliver the steamkeys sometime this week. Today's update will have sneak peeks about the badges/trading cards system. Do come by and take a look since Steam has some requirements to activate those :'3

See you around!