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Short answer: most likely the second week of August.

Long answer:

If there are no issues with the printing process, I could send them in July. The thing is shipping in Taiwan is pretty affordable for magazines, but they still don't allow shipping to certain countries (a lot of them actually) due to COVID. As I'm traveling to Spain during the summer, I will be able to ship from there to those countries. I've run numbers for the shipping cost from Spain using the information they have on their website, but I know how things work there, so until I actually go to the post office to deliver the zines, I don't know how much is really gonna cost. If the cost is the same or not too crazy compared to what it is in Taiwan, I will ship everything from Spain. That means I can ship earlier (July). If the shipping costs from Spain are much more expensive, I will just ship from there to those countries I can't from Taiwan. If I do so, I will do it during my last days in Spain, so everyone gets the zine more or less at the same time.


I will keep you all posted with updates through the Development log and emails to those who purchased the physical zine.

wow thanks for all the details! sounds wild. excited to get it for whenever it arrives. thanks for all the hard work.