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i just remember that this store still have some physical copies!

Hi Mograg!

Thank you so much for the support and feedback.

When spending experience points, if a player rolls higher than their character's current percentage (extreme), that skill increases by 1 point.

Regarding weapon damage: Hit points are typically low (averaging 10.5), so it usually takes about two to three regular blows/shots to eliminate a character. However, you are absolutely correct: following the rules as written, it's very difficult to kill a character in a single blow/shot. The player would need to roll well and score a critical hit to double the damage.

In my games, I don't even require a roll if a character is shooting or slashing another at point-blank with the target at their mercy and the intent to kill. As for accidental discharge, I would probably use the Luck skill. 

I'll definitely give this some thought and see if an increase in the damage bonus of the weapons is a good idea.

Again, thanks a lot for the help!

Sorry for the delay!

As a stand-alone zine, probably not… but it is available in deck format:

hi Louis!

Damage is equal to the difference between the result of the roll and the level of the target. So, if an opponent is level 13, it’s necessary to roll a 14 to start dealing damage. 12 or less means the attacker suffers damage. A result that matches exactly the level of the opponent (13 in this instance) means no one dealt damage on that round. 

Remember that the level of an NPC decreases as they receive damage, making them easier to hit.

For the maximum level, I wouldn’t go over 16, but depends on how powerful the hunters are. 

In any case, violence should be the last resort, as combat is pretty deadly! Specially getting that first blow clean. 

Thanks a lot for your super kind words. So happy you enjoyed it!


Certainly, students may discover that they can opt for the "Easy Way" in any room to ensure their safe passage. However, if they choose this path, they'll likely struggle to end the night with enough money to cover their tuition fees. Each time they pass through that door, one of their precious coins disappears!

The students have other options rather than resorting to violence to seize the money, even though that might align with the Devil's intentions, right? Hahaha! They could attempt to persuade their fellow students to loan them the money or gang together to confront the Devil. 

There's an aspect of the legend that I omitted, but I'm contemplating whether it would be cool to include it as an appendix for an extra session, especially if one of the players becomes the "chosen one." According to the legend, Don Juan Manuel, "The Lucanor Count," was one of those selected to serve the Devil, yet he managed to outsmart Him and escape... In fact, his book can be found in one of the rooms! 

Thanks a lot for your support and feedback, Joe. I will add clarifications for those in the next update!

Thanks a lot for your kind words. The empty pages might not be necessary at the end, depending on the binding. If finally we need a multiple of four, I will definitely fill them out. One of the options is to include a map of the city, even though it’s not critical for the adventure. 


Thanks a lot!

I just listened to it! Thanks a lot for your kind words and support. So happy you liked it. Hope you have the chance to give it a spin!

Thanks for the support, folks!

Sorry for the delay! I missed this comment. 

Yeah. Only players roll in combat. When a NPC attacks a hunter, the player rolls to defend: if the result is lower than 10+NPC level, the hunter takes damage. If the result is higher, the hunter manages to counterattack and deals the damage. 

Sorry, not for the moment...

A supplement about rituals and magic is something I would like to do in the future, but for the moment you have two choices: choose the spells from the OSR game of your choice (this is the way I play it) or come up with your own spells and use the level for the saving throw if any. 

Hey! Send me an email to and we can talk about it!

My e-mail address:


I want to send the copies to the folks who purchased during the campaign first, but there will be more available in the near future, yeah



so happy to read that!

Make a regular roll (2d6) and add your wisdom to the result. 10 or less means the new item grants you +1 to any action in which you use it. If the result is higher than 10, for each point above 10, the item gets an additional bonus point. For example, if the total result is 12, the bonus for that item will be +3. 

Hope that helps!

I will keep you all posted with updates through the Development log and emails to those who purchased the physical zine.

Short answer: most likely the second week of August.

Long answer:

If there are no issues with the printing process, I could send them in July. The thing is shipping in Taiwan is pretty affordable for magazines, but they still don't allow shipping to certain countries (a lot of them actually) due to COVID. As I'm traveling to Spain during the summer, I will be able to ship from there to those countries. I've run numbers for the shipping cost from Spain using the information they have on their website, but I know how things work there, so until I actually go to the post office to deliver the zines, I don't know how much is really gonna cost. If the cost is the same or not too crazy compared to what it is in Taiwan, I will ship everything from Spain. That means I can ship earlier (July). If the shipping costs from Spain are much more expensive, I will just ship from there to those countries I can't from Taiwan. If I do so, I will do it during my last days in Spain, so everyone gets the zine more or less at the same time.

hey! It seems I can’t contact you privately here, so send me an Email and we’ll fix it. 

Thanks, Ian. 

Thanks a lot!
Not in the near future, sorry... The quality is not the same, but if you want a hard copy, there are POD paperback copies available thru LULU:



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I’ll be shipping from Taiwan and Spain, so any country should be ok. If I can’t send it to a given location, I’ll contact the backer to find a solution or refund them.  


Thanks! I hope I can deliver!

Pretty cool! I don't know the original adventure, so I don't know how far you went with the changes but seems fun to run. I might give it a go in our next session.

it’s up to the GM. In the rules, just the earnings per day for each profession are given. You can use that number to give them, for instance, a month worth of salary. 

you’re totally right! I’ll change the result of the roll to make it work. Thanks for pointing it out!


We got a free one-session scenario called The Gourdian Not:
Random Ramblin Press published another one called The Dark House:

Right in the last comment, dv88vb said they would like to share the one they wrote to introduce their daughters to RPG gaming, and  I'm currently writing one myself. I hope I can release it in a couple of months.

So happy to hear that. You made my day. I feel honored that they had a wonderful first experience with RPG games with Yokai Hunters Society.
About publishing the scenario. Depends on what's your goal: If you just have a simple doc you used for running the adventure, you can just post a link to your dropbox or google drive here in the comments section. I would love to check it out myself! If you have a well-polished and layout document that you would like to publish and sell or offer for free, I'm partial to itch, but you could publish it at DriveThruRPG also.

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Hi, FiloArdimentoso.

I'm planning to release something to clarify combat rules and other situations that players have problems with. I hope this example of play works for now. Let me know if you have any doubts.

Yokai Hunters Society - Example of play: Combat.

Hasegawa Aiko, a 37 years old hunter is assaulted by a thief (human-level 1) while traveling alone through the woods. 

Aiko’s stats:

Courage +2 | Self-control +0 | Sharpness +0 | Wisdom +2

HP 10 | Curse resistance 2

EQUIPMENT: 1d8 sen per day, Hyontan (gourd canteen) (+3), Pendant (+1), Rope (+3) 

[When combat starts, if the narrative can’t clearly dictate who’s acting first, roll initiative. In this case, the hunter failed a Sharpness roll so she couldn't spot the thief hiding in the woods.]

THIEF’S TURN 1: The thief attacks by surprise and decides to hit the hunter with a staff in her head. Aiko might be able to stop the thief, but she’s being attacked by surprise (disadvantage), so the hunter player rolls 3d6 and adds Aiko’s Courage (+2) to the result. They roll 5, 2, and 4. They drop the best (5) and add up the other two numbers plus the Courage bonus: 6 + 2 = 8. The thief is a human level 1, so the target number to save against his attacks is 11 (10 plus level). Aiko feels a hard blow to the head and takes 3 points of damage (the difference between the target number and the result of the roll: 11 - 8 = 3). 

AIKO’S TURN 1: She’s bleeding, but still conscious and throws an instinctive punch at the thief: the hunter player rolls 2d6 (5 and 1) and adds Aiko’s Courage (+2). Another 8!! The thief stops the punch and hits her with the staff again. She suffers 3 more points of damage. 

THIEF’S TURN 2: The thief's not an assassin, he just wants the money. He tries to put Aiko to sleep by choking her with the staff. Aiko has no weapons and only 4 HP remaining, so the hunter player decides to use the Curse die: rolls 2d6 and 1d8 (3, 4, and 8), adds the two best results and Aiko’s Courage (4 + 8 + 2) for a total of 14!! Aiko loses 1 Curse resistance point, but grabs the thief’s staff and hits him back with it in the teeth. The thief suffers 3 points of damage (14 - 11) and sees his HP (and target number) reduced to 8.  

AIKO’S TURN 2: Aiko needs something to defend herself and spends this turn grabbing a good-sized stone. The hunter player rolls to find out how helpful the stone will be in combat: 2d6 (3, 6) + Wisdom (+2) resulting in a total of 11. One point over 10, which means the stone will grant her a +1.

THIEF’S TURN 3: The thief growls and spits out a blood-soaked tooth. He raises the staff and lunges at Aiko. She weighs the stone and waits for him. The hunter player rolls to defend: 2d6 (5, 2) + Courage (+2) + Stone bonus (+1) for a total of 10! Aiko dodges the staff with a quick move to her left and slams the stone into the thief's stomach. He suffers 2 points of damage and sees his HP (and target number) reduced to 6.

AIKO’S TURN 3: While the thief is bent over, she grabs the stone with both hands and launches another blow. The hunter player rolls to attack: 2d6 (3, 6) + Courage (+2) + Stone bonus (+1) for a total of 12.  Enough to reduce the thief’s HP to 0.

Joining the ranks! Thanks, Tony.

I mainly do black and white illustrations: characters, monsters, places... I recently started to publish stock art at my itchio account. There's not much yet, but I'm also open for commissions:  

So happy to read this. Thanks a lot. The mechanics sound really fun. My wife keeps telling me I should watch Demon Slayer, but it's still waiting on my list.

I've got a small scenario almost finished that I hope I can release soon, yeah, but first I have to publish a little "monster manual" that it's ready for edit and layout. 

Hi! Thanks a lot for the feedback.

In order to give you a better answer I would need more info about the situation, but it sounds mechanically correct to me. If the total result (after adding bonuses) was a 10 and you say there was no damage dealt, I assume that you considered that human a level 0 character, hence the target number to perform an attack on them will be 10. Matching that number means there was no damage, so the target of the attack was able to evade it. 

Probably you think it's a discrepancy cause you are considering the 10 a success during this attack. When you match the target number during an attack, you are not succeeding, but failing without giving the opponent the option to counterattack, so that round of the combat had no physical harm for any of the two. 

I hope that helps. Let me know if you need further clarifications.