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A member registered Aug 13, 2019

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how can we contact you? twitter, email?

Liminal Horror Deluxe Edition!!! 馃敟馃枻

works great!

looks like the pdf comes up blank when downloaded... says it's 0kb?

wow, you are on it! thanks, it looks pretty fun and i like the ideas you've got for it.

any chance for more community copies?

it's 馃敟

just started this game up... i'm not sure how to explain it but i'm getting a headache and some slight motion sickness playing it. is there a way to adjust the camera a bit? beautiful game otherwise, thanks for the demo.

d'oh! i totally missed the part where there was a full release incoming... 馃う馃徎鈥嶁檪锔

any chance we could get this in pdf form?

just got this, is there any way we could get a Spreads version and a Booklet version for pdfs? thanks so much, excited to try it out.

i see it! imma gonna gettit!

i am curious, will this ever get community copies or go on sale? looks really great!

nice, ok! i'll be on the lookout, i must have just missed it ;)

this looks wonderful, any chance for some community copies?

oh nice, thanks so much!

will this ever get community copies? love what i see here, great illustrations!

awesome, thanks a bunch!

any chance for a physical print in the future? love it!

any chance we could get a physical print someday?

ooooh i would love to know this, too! 馃枻

this looks neat! will this and 'Weird Little Space Freaks' pdfs ever get some cover art that matches the Itch pages? (the blue and copper)

any community copies? this looks pretty great!

will there ever be more community copies? looks so cool!

i just found out about this game, is there ever any community copies? looks pretty cute!

well it sure is beautiful. thanks for your hard work!

thanks so much, no problem! any physical prints soon? :D

will this ever get community copies? thanks so much :)

will this ever get a community copy? thanks for making this, i adore the artwork and the design.

wow thanks for all the details! sounds wild. excited to get it for whenever it arrives. thanks for all the hard work.

for shipping estimate time… does 鈥渟ummer鈥 mean like, july? august?

any chance for community copies again?

awesome, thank you!

i got one quick! thank you so much :D <3

just a heads up, i think you might have uploaded a cmyk file... it's looking like it has pale colors on preview.

hey, thanks so much!

oh neat! will i need to keep checking back or will we be notified? thanks so much, looks like a fun game.

any chance for more community copies? :D

this looks so nice, well-designed! does the cover come in color like here on the Itch banner? would love to see it in a future release. thanks for all your hard work <3

you are so fast, was on Itch and just saw the update. thanks a bunch!