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ah ok! no worries and thanks for Ronin. will we get new Ronin stuff in the future?

love the look of this. can we get this in 'Pages' format? thanks so much.

thanks so much!

got it, i see it!

no upload?

will this ever come to mac?

ah that makes so much sense. i forgot about terminal. thank you!

what is the file extension for the mac version? it doesn't have it and it looks like .zip and .dmg doesn't allow the file to be open.

i finished it in good time, that was fun. made sure to follow the instructions 🤓🖤

ahhh thank you!

brilliant. brave. beautiful. 🔥

I just paid for the Pro upgrade! Thank you. Looks like the Letter pack is missing the 'Notes' stuff from the A-sheets.

i've purchased this on DriveThruRPG - any chance we could get an upload in 'Pages' format? thanks so much!


cool, and no biggie! i hope to support it in the future. definitely up my alley!

Will this get any community copies? Looks so fun!

I am new to this, does this ever get community copies? looks super interesting, thanks for posting it!

this looks fantastic! any chance of a physical release?

what! this is amazing!

Excited to check this out! any community copies coming our way?

omg i just got it!

i'll have to keep a look out for a community copy right now... excited to look at this but can't support it just yet. it does look great, loving what i'm seeing from the preview.

all good!

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any chance for Letter size?

btw, what a great resource. great job all around and a completely solid design—exactly what i'd expect from every Lazarus project! 🖤🤓

can we get these two pdfs with the color cover art?

this is so cool, thanks so much!!

Thanks for trying! 🖤🤓

This looks really neat! can we get it in Pages format as well?

can we get this in 'pages' format?

any chance for Spreads?

awesome, thanks so much!

looks great! can we get a 'Pages' format?

ah! it's only on the Spreads, Monster #20: Ignea Order

thanks so much! looks like page #28 'Oozern' is missing art?

look so great! can we get this also in Pages PDF format?

sorry to voice the same question but... any updates since it's now summertime? 🤓

will there ever be community copies for this?

thanks for all your hard rpg work. i always love it and i always appreciate it. definitely some of the best on all of Itch 🖤

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i done goofed, i see it now, thanks!

will this be part of the 2023 gamepass?