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Thank you for kind words :) 

Glad you enjoyed the game and thank you for the feedback, some comments to it:

- Agree about the UI - we are reworking whole UI, it will have similar vibe and look but it will be actually 3D and will have more animations and "juice" to it.
- Cars with just one hardpoint will stay, sorry :D , but we are trying to make them more useful by giving them other advantages.
- Special abilities (special attacks, nitro boost, etc.) for bosses and player will be added for sure, but for now we are focusing on making "basic" combat as good as we can before adding more complex features to it.
- Boss randomization is something that we would love to do, but I'm not sure if we can make it good enough, will try!
- We are currently adding more enemy AI types to the game to add more variety and tactics to combat (but keeping it still kind of "simple and fun").
- We are working on the mood, lore, world, story, etc. - it's important for us to make the game interesting, but for now our main focus is gameplay.

If you are into Discord servers than you can check our current progress there :)