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Thank you! <3

Thank you! I think that most of that 2D feel is achieved thanks to small camera FOV, so it looks almost orthographic despite that everything is in 3D.

Thank you! It's mostly just toon shading + typical outline post process + some stuff here and there for additional details.

Not much :) My goal was to make it short and simple, glad you enjoyed visuals and story <3

It seems that I have some issues with paypal, but thank you for your support! <3

Thank you for playing!


Thank you for covering it!


Thank you! <3

Thank you for playing!

Thank you for playing and making a video <3

Thank you <3

Thank you! More is coming, we are working on a major update :D

Thank you! <3 Glad it works on your system.

Thanks! <3

Thank you!

Thank you for kind words!

Package spawning logic is quite simple. Package is spawned roughly in the direction you are currently heading. If you move to far away from it then game spawns it again somewhere in front.

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you! My method of spawning packages is a bit borked and it doesn't work well for everyone.

You can "hack it" a bit by constantly swimming roughly in the same direction :)

Thank you. I agree, fish shoals would be cool!

Thank you for playing and suggestions :)

Haha thanks!

Thank you for playing and making video :)


Thank you! Audio cues are great idea.

Thank you for letting us know since macOS version is experimental! <3

Thank you! It was one of our inspiration :D

Thank you! I will call that a happy accident :D

Thank you! Glad you overcome clunky controls :)

Thank you, I live in Europe. Good luck with your idea!

Thank you, glad you enjoyed the controls :)

That's smart, thanks! :D

Cool! Thank you for this video :)

That's cool! :D

We did few things, but mostly:

  • Disabled filtering on textures (point/nearest filtering).
  • We used mostly low resolution textures with posterization or color indexing applied in GIMP/Photoshop.
  • Decreased game resolution with a post processing shader.
  • Dithering post processing shader with color posterization to limit palette.
  • Some pixelation shaders here and there.
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Thank you!

Thank you!

Not sure, but it seems that this car is something that could fit in our vision of the game, so who knows :) On our discord server we have a channel dedicated to posting nice cars, so feel free to join it.