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Find it a bit odd that the bundle lowers the price of this game to ~$6.50 but only if buying some base-building game in the bundle.

Bit of a shame.  I'd throw money at this if it was ~$5 USD or lower.

I respect the right of the developer/studio to charge whatever they want to, but I hope they take this feedback into consideration for future promos/sales.


We often discount Unending Galaxy heavier than that.  Wait until December, and you'll likely find this game (alone) at a much lower price. We have no plan to discount the other game further below its current price in the coming years, however, so it won't be in a bundle.


Very unusual for any indie dev to be so honest about pricing.  Kudos!

I'll go ahead and wait for the December sale then.  I only brought it up because I'm interested in THIS game rather than the other one.  I may try a demo of the other one later but in the meantime I'll watch some videos for this game to get a good feel for what it is like.

You're welcome :)