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Last year i feeled the same when i had to return to my parents house because of lockdown less without searching a job and now an year after i think i'm here again plus searching a job. I escaped from this last time also by creating but the more project i have finished and the less time i'm feeling good (but i will still continue i think it's really important !) but now i think i'm gonna try learning about unity i want about something in the hope of escaping the fatigue and maybe i will help others to feel less alone like your game did with me ! Your work is really interesting and some weeks ago when i discovered Storykeeper i wanted to talk about in one of my project (sorry for the big text but i really wanted to tell your work resonate with me)

Yeah,feeling the same.

I'm a year late as I didn't notice your message until now. Still, I really wanted to say that I hope you're doing well these days. How's your project?