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How are you hearing the music I deleted it yesterday? Did you like download the game yesterday or something?

Ehh... I don't really think people need a PG13 rating... I mean most of the people coming here are either other game devs or people from my blog which is 18+ so.

As far as I know I didn't make any toilet jokes either, at least it wasn't intentional. I just added toilets cause games like pokemon never have toilets and it annoys me.

I'm happy to hear you liked the game :D I will definately one day in the future make a game like this but longer and cuter and gayer.

Yeah, I guess I uploaded it just after it was released...sorry? xD

Then it's just me being picky and its effect of youtube/society and it's "adult materials that are not appropriate for kids")) Sorry for that

Okay, and I guess it was just unusual for me cause most of the toilets in games are unclickable and here you go with "poop goes in there" xD It was really unexpected.

Ah, it's soon good to here ^_^ Good luck with that and in Jams also :)