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So. I gave it another go. And while the controls do feel quite a bit better, some new issues cropped up. First is that there's some crazy inconsistency in the world design that makes it really hard to tell if something is in the foreground or background, if it can be jumped on, or through or not, and if it's destructible or not. Adding that on top of the cardinal direction aiming, and limiting it to movement, I never felt like I could aim and move at the same time without walking face-first into whatever I wanted dead. All that and the shield just kinda feels like a cop out of making damage predictable and preventable. While I understand not every game needs to be dark souls in terms of it's damage avoidance, it felt like "Press X to survive." So yeah, better controls, but It might be getting to the point where I just have t take a step back and say this game just isn't for me.


Thank you again CoalFire, I'll make a good improvement next time.  Thank you for the criticism! :D