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Hello Frungi ! If i remember well, those three are 

The Game is here no ads HammerA

Its the game with no ads at all

Hammera no adsEXE version.rar

Its the game with no ads but with an exe version in it, so if you cant play swf games, it should work .

Pïck them, some guys managed to play my game, if you cant play it, tell me and i'll send your money back or else.

Sorry about the delayed response.

The third pack is probably the games with some arts in it as bonus.

Might I suggest renaming them? Like instead of The Game is here no ads, how about HammerA SWF.rar, etc.

I'll see what i can do. Thanks

Done, hope its better, i changed the display name of the two first downloads, i think the third is good.

If anything , dont hesitate to ask.

Cool, much more straightforward. Thanks!

Sure ! No problem, Take care