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Hi, I'm just a foreigner who doesn't speak English well, but I used all my knowledge because I want to write how I liked your games. Only a week ago I found Nusantara games and got so carried away with them that I missed classes at the university lol. But it was DEFINITELY worth it. The world is interesting, the characters are lively (I wrote it right?... well), the stories are interesting, CG and BG are just wonderful :)

 Thanks for your projects


Hi Averisa! Don't worry, your english is very good! ^.^- even I still struggle with grammar so don't be shy and come by anytime!

I'm very happy that you come here and tell me how much you like Nusantara until you got carried away >\\\< but I hope you didn't get into much trouble because of that :'D 

Thank you so much for the support! *hugs*