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I for one am impressed. At least at first, it seemed indeed life-like, in an understated, somewhat eerie way. It even seemed ironic that the title is called "Cheesy horror"; it didn't seem cheesy at all. It could be somewhat compared to the original "Ecco" soundtrack from the Sega Genesis, which in my opinion is one of the most successfully eerie musical pieces I've ever heard from any game, including compared to anything I've heard out of a dedicated horror game.

Of course, now that I've made it to the little clacks/chimes, etc., that sound like Psycho-esque string plucks, I have to admit it does seem a *little* forceful. It had been the quietness beforehand that made it. In my opinion, those plucks take away from it without giving it anything - they don't sound scary, they don't sound hopeful, they don't sound life-like, they're just *there*, taking away from the eerie 'pipe-organ' like instruments gently moaning and waving throughout most of the piece. Credit where due; they do make it "cheesy", which could be great on a comedy-horror game parodying slashers, but for Black Resin's mostly more sincere angle, they seem out of place.

I can't help but vote, simply as a listener, that if a future iteration of the track is made, it essentially be what we just heard, but without those clacks/plucks.

I am sorry that the arrangement you made earlier did not survive. I would like to thank you for making this one.

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Totally agree. The mood of the old consoles emanates from this track. I think it's a good piece but it needs some work. And I know perfectly well where Kuba Mazurek's tune can be used. Use it as a theme for a certain character.