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If it's that easy, I have crow to eat. Thank you.

And I guess these are only words and I have no way to prove them, but I don't do piracy.

To be honest this looks a little too obvious to be true.

But okay, let's say this is the official Tour De Pizza. Any plans to release the full game on I'm trying to look for DRM-free and launcher-independent options lately.

I'm surprised you're willing to offer a bit of lore/background for this, even if it's this Adventures-of-Sonic-the-Hedgehog-esque simplistic explanation.

It's a nice hint of 90's baddies have interesting background bits to know, even if they're simple and approachable. Thanks for this.

Is Polyroll Pocket going to be released via I'd like a DRM-free/Launcher-independent version.

Does the demo have any sex scenes? Lesbian, straight, or both?

If there were some kind of plot and the given sex acts were each animated, with an orgasm animation per, it'd be a smut game that gets the job done.

I played for a while but got stuck on the second day. How do I actually get to one of the lesbian sex scenes?

Alright, here after having been deferred in your response to my feedback on The Final Day.  This looks interesting.

I've not gotten into the games with heavy hack and slash, and want to restart gaming with a clean slate, or begin to. This looks fresh enough for it; a game where fighting looks like it's about more than just fighting.

I'm in no position to go buying a new wave of games to try - yet - but consider me along for the ride and curiosity-piqued, at least starting now.

I see there's the demo here, but can I buy the full game here on Will it be updated as the game works its way through Early Access? If so, does buying it here come with a Steam key?

Is this just about friendship, or does it also include yuri? Or, would that be spoiling?

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Found it!

This is creative. Humbling. Credit to you on your resourcefulness and creativity.

Thank you. I have had good experiences with Steam Discussions, including with one of the credited developers, "Jas".

I look forward to continuin correspondence there and here.

By the way, GangsRobin, it's good to meet you. Ryarod, new player. Your art for Backpack Hero has been impressing me.

 Discord turned a blind eye to awful stuff happening on their platform. Anything more specific isn't for here.

Is there a way I can engage meaningfully in discussion, updates, and developer-approved "deep fandom" outside of Discord? After learning certain truths about Discord I'm eager for ways to stay away from it.

How closely would you say, for example, Steam Discussions count?

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Question: Is the classical poison potion a la the demo there? The one that gives each enemy +6 poison? I haven't come across it in the bought and paid for version of the game, yet, even though I have found the Double Poison Potion. I have found ninja stuff that seems like a direct upgrade, though.

I get that ninja stuff is cool and all, but I miss the thrill of RP'ing as an alchemist. I'm hoping it's there and I just haven't found it yet amid the massive pool of possible items.

In the off-chance it's in a time-out, though, requesting re-institution. I wouldn't even mind it being less powerful than the new toxic kunai - i.e., let the toxic kunai keep its extra +3 damage on top of the poison - just as long as I can please have the option of that poison potion back. Roleplaying as an alchemist calls to me.

Little note for anyone else who might not be getting Shards of God to download at first: I just clicked the "download now" button and it didn't do anything at first. This, when other games have been downloading without much issue.

I for one was able to get it to work by clicking the button provides of "Downloads not starting?", and then ticking the box for "alternate download mode".

The box prescribes this for if is blocked by region, yes, but it also worked for me even as other games have downloaded well enough. Anyone new to like I am, give it a try.

Mr/Ms/Mrs. Vávra, no hard feelings I hope about a newcomer blabbing troubleshooting input here on the storepage.

No thank you.  Especially not here. If I were in the Backpack Hero dev teams' shoes I wouldn't want my games' store page to become a tradespot for smut. Please have some respect. 

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Question: Is the full version available on Steam the same as the full version available on Likewise, will the release be updated with new versions at the same time that Steam is?

I want to keep playing the bought-and-paid-for version I downloaded off of here, but if I'm missing something by not playing the Steam version, please let me know.

That actually wouldn't be so awful in my opinion, if the internet's kinks were usually romantic classy stuff about consenting adults enjoying themselves with fairly vanilla experiences.

But no, I'm going to get the feeling I'm restoring my faith in humanity just by being lucky enough not to see it (yet). Thank you for the warning. I'll think twice before I try Googling Backpack Hero fanart.

Eventual "friendship" corniness or not, I gave into my heart this time. I went ahead and bought the full game. The demo won me over. Thank you.

I'm sorry, but I'm afraid you're not done with me and my obnoxious nagging. Expect feedback.

I just went to the app store and started to file a report against it, but apparently that's only acceptable from Backpack Hero's own devs or someone legally endowed to act on their behalf.

I don't know how else to bring this to Google's attention. Google seriously needs to update their app store's reporting functions to include concerned folk who hate seeing good work ripped off.

Please note: Real question employing my attempt at humor incoming. Please correct me if I offend:

I have a question about story mode. I know a game's mostly the gameplay and we shouldn't care about the worldbuilding, story, characterization, etc. - and true, this wouldn't be a dealbreaker - but I want to know for expectations' sake.

When the story mode rolls around, is it going to be thick with "power of friendship" themes? One game series I otherwise took a liking to, Sonic, really nosedived by going into the "power of friendship" puddle, hard, when the gameplay had nothing to do with friendship and everything to do with using motion forces, button timing, platforming skills, etc. Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy VII did the same thing but even worse by crumbling that way in just one game each.

Since teamwork doesn't seem to be an immediate concern in Backpack Hero**, is the buddy-buddy stuff going to maybe be toned down a bit for this one? Or should I begin to brace for characters attributing achievements of my inventory management and fighting thoughtwork to the love of some friend who's been slacking off back in the town while I do the dirty work?

**Except for that one blip in the Steam trailer where someone, I think that bird guy with the instruments, actually has brought several enemies over to his side to fight that corrupt priestess lady. That looks awesome! For whoever that was alone I'm all for "power of friendship" character interactions if his/her gameplay is literally based on making friends.

Regarding the Purse Plush, what does the "Digital Production Design" mean?

I suspect's own support team might be the ones to contact. They likely handle payments first.

I just gave it a poke. It's noteworthy. I like the older look of it, and menu and text-heavy presentation. I like the hints of a time-passing  gameplay element, as hinted at the bottom when I clicked the option to go exploring.

I just discovered the turn-based fighting. I admit I usually only like this sort of thing when it has extra elements to make it much more thoughtful. As proof it can be done, though, it's well enough, and I like the crisp presentation. The four options, basic though they are, still are presented just so that they feel like options.

I very strongly like the detailed numbers at the bottom per attack, showing the reckonwork at play. I just wish I understood what exactly they all mean; I see at least one number keeps showing up  with a letter in it, and I don't yet get what it means.

For all the praise, when I went to explore in the forest the first time it just went black and I had to refresh the page. In any event, outside of the flavor text letting you know what you're supposed to be doing, there isn't much said about the city we're in or the world it's in. I get the oldest CRPG's didn't have much either, but a middle ground between that and today's worldbuilding standards might be a welcome touch up.

I can tell this is a project built on knowhow; wishing you well in wherever you intend to go - and where you intend to take this one, if you consider it not yet done.

Ponydragon, I hadn't known there was a fullscreen option until you brought my attention to it. I've been playing it that way ever since. Thank you. I don't know what Slay the Spire is, so I am not qualified to comment.

After learning about Discord's history I don't go there anymore, but I do consider myself looking to Backpack hero with significant interest.

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I offer a sorrowsay for earlier. Thank you for your patience and for answering me calmly and informatively when you would have been in your right to respond in a retaliatory manner, or to have ignored me.

This is truly an impressive and amazing game you've created. I have never - I have never - played a game like this one. It's the first "addictive" game I've played in years. Not since each installment of the Batman: Arkham trilogy, and Mount and Blade Warband before that, have I found a game that just pulls me in and sucking up hours of my time. I acknowledge I mishandled my steadily growing passion.

Please keep up the great work. I choose to wait until that story mode is released, but then a chunk of my wallet is yours when that comes about.

Congratulations, also, on the Purse plush! She's a really likable persona, in my opinion - even, and maybe in a way, especially, because we know very little about her outside of her basic animations.

I'm revising this in the evening and now that I've found the character intro about her in Steam, I like her even more. It's nice, in a gaming landscape filled with a lot of Team Fortress 2- esque nonchalantly homicidal protagonists, a lass who is relatively benevolent.

Okay, I'm getting extremely frustrated with the menu options of "View all by Thejaspel/Following Thejapsel" etc. getting in the way and causing me to accidentally screw up everything by losing a game I got too deep into to save.

Before I buy, I need to know:

1. Is there an actual story mode? Or an ending? Something to aspire toward? Or is it all just infinite delving until you drop?

2. Is there a sale coming soon? No hard feelings but $17 feeds my family for the evening. I won't spend that much on a maybe.

I'm impressed so far, really am, but need to know more before I make the plunge.

Honestly, I might not blame you, *if the mouse girl looked older*.

But she looks ambiguously like a teen, so tread with caution.

I'm silly. I just saw that the purchase comes *with* a Steam key.

Is there a DRM free version I can buy? Steam and I need some time apart before I can get comfortable using it again.

It's like life has suddenly sprung out from the concrete on a seemingly-dead planet, with thick, deep-colored leaves and a stalk that grew six inches overnight. I wish I could commune just how impactful the news of this is.

The storyboard looks superb! I'm in awe at the wonderment as well as the sheer effectiveness of showing what happens in the fewest possible frames; and yet also terrified that I just saw a major spoiler for something that could be sublimely epic.

The mindset of the storyboard being intended to accompany your verbal and/or written descriptions actually corresponds very well with what I'm learning about in college, which is the role of speech and song in pre-Hispanic Mesoamerican literature.

That there's now a new build is the crescendo of lost hope come back.

I have online class in about half an hour, and I must- and want- to prepare. Aunque lo, I have just downloaded the Black Resin's 1.14 incarnation. I look forward to playing it. Thank you very much for this.


On a side-note, could you tell us where you bought/how you set up a fluidly functional one of those Sega controllers? I've always wanted to hold one and use it to play a game, and Black Resin in particular tempts the idea, but I read and hear horror stories about game controllers made for PC. Being a nightmare to set up, being unresponsive, breaking soon, so on.

I for one am impressed. At least at first, it seemed indeed life-like, in an understated, somewhat eerie way. It even seemed ironic that the title is called "Cheesy horror"; it didn't seem cheesy at all. It could be somewhat compared to the original "Ecco" soundtrack from the Sega Genesis, which in my opinion is one of the most successfully eerie musical pieces I've ever heard from any game, including compared to anything I've heard out of a dedicated horror game.

Of course, now that I've made it to the little clacks/chimes, etc., that sound like Psycho-esque string plucks, I have to admit it does seem a *little* forceful. It had been the quietness beforehand that made it. In my opinion, those plucks take away from it without giving it anything - they don't sound scary, they don't sound hopeful, they don't sound life-like, they're just *there*, taking away from the eerie 'pipe-organ' like instruments gently moaning and waving throughout most of the piece. Credit where due; they do make it "cheesy", which could be great on a comedy-horror game parodying slashers, but for Black Resin's mostly more sincere angle, they seem out of place.

I can't help but vote, simply as a listener, that if a future iteration of the track is made, it essentially be what we just heard, but without those clacks/plucks.

I am sorry that the arrangement you made earlier did not survive. I would like to thank you for making this one.

I have been away for a while. I'm now back to catch up.

I would like to give this Ksawery credit, on having made it onto the team and for his ideas. The idea of a dedicated "quiet day" per team member is an especially good touch, I think.

By PM, do you mean "private messages"? In the moments I have being able to revisit and possibly one day outright re-immerse with Black Resin, my own interest in communicating with the team stays intact. I refuse to touch Discord or Twitter, so I am interested in anything of that note. Granted I have no Idea what this "Trello" is.

I intend to hope that you're still open to direct e-mails, as I've sent, and in great fortune we have sometimes even traded, before.

I despise bathroom "humor", so I have to admit that last thing irks me. However, these things are supposed to be wrong-doers, so it makes sense one would be portrayed as doing something so disgusting.


As for the rest, I am impressed by the art and animation. The first scene in particular has caused some of my skin and nerves to awaken.

I for one have had it with games that start our character out famous and/or thought about as the important (Most Legend of Zelda games I've seen, and most games I've seen where we play as the title character), or wherein our character at least starts out unknown but is then handed fame on a silver platter faster than we deserve it (Skyrim, for example).

I would really like it if we could play a game where nobody knows who we are at first and it takes a long time to get someone's attention, *and* when we finally start to get it it's gradual, and takes much more effort yet to really get them to care much. I find myself hoping Black Resin could be such.

If so, that scene would be great to see after having destroyed three or four facilities. As for the scene itself, it's foreboding, powerful, and tells so much even while being open to expansion upon.

If you just have it fade to black after that drive is handed over, it's foreboding and leaves us in suspense while at the same time implying to us what it might be about- allowing the actual contents of the recording to be seen in another scene.

If on the other hand you choose to portray in the same scene the recordings of our actions, we as the audience will have the privilege of getting to see not only in-universe verification of our actions, but also to be present for the suited faction's first viewing and possible initial reaction to the sight of us. For a pacing perspective this latter option would also help the later response to us seem more gradual; assuming the same enemies show up in the same levels, let us see, confirmably, the enemies learning about us sooner will help make it seem more like the tougher enemies show up later and later, verifying the faction indeed as a highly bureaucratic one, where alarmed individuals are often ignored or written off by bureaucrats both corrupt and well-meaning alike, and where when action is finally decided to be taken it takes time for orders to go through, and more time to be executed- just like real civilization as we know it - and of the faction's collective mindset of being so cocksure as to not take a threat seriously at first when they learn of it. It certainly seems like the sort of fallacy they would default to, considering how arrogantly and cruelly they took over the tree we see early on and disregarded the lives of the trees' natives - a comparative (emphasis on comparative, as I'm s disregard we can watch them collectively apply to ourselves at first after learning of us, only to later on be convinced they should have thought about us more.

Take this clack-up as my curiosity, interest, and possibly excitement verified. There's a lot of opportunity for both show-don't-tell and imply-don't-show storytelling and worldbuildling here- specifically about how much it takes to be discovered by the enemy faction; how much it takes for the enemy faction to determine us to be a threat; and, how both individuals in a faction and the collective faction as a whole processes a new threat- and I am alive.

One more parting line. In case there's a temptation to have this floppy disk handoff scene be earlier in the game, like just after the first facility is destroyed, please consider what I have said, *PLUS* the fact that, with this game being a stealth game (at least as far as I've seen), having the enemy discover we're here too soon can jeopardize the sense of accomplishment, since even if we've eluded a few goons in a facility, our efforts would be for naught elsewhere. On the other hand, if the choice is made to save the scene for later on- like after three or four facilities have been destroyed, our efforts will feel like they matter not only in the gameplay but the story as well, verifying our work so far and empowering us- and giving the enemy faction a chance to be truly threatening, as whatever thugs we thought were tough up to that point, we will suddenly realize that the faction wasn't even trying yet.

While I have a brief moment of thinking I'm done, I'd better post. This tease has reawoken my curiosity and enthusiasm for not only Black Resin, but possibly the prospect of playing a computer game in general. Great work here! I can hardly wait to see more of what lies under the hood!

See you next update!

It has been a while; if/when I ever revisit Juice Galaxy, I'll need to rediscover that myself.

The two guesses that come to mind for me are:

1. You'll have to save your game, then go to the main menu, then reload the game. The juice student should respawn at the fountain in the graveyard; and/or

2. You need to collect the pieces of paper and then (SPOILERS); then either by speaking to Mr. Fox's kid self or by interacting with his bed, you'll be able to return to the world of the waking.

I almost never get responses in this '' discussion page. Please understand I'm excited to have someone respond.

Drones would also fit into this imagining I'd had of what Mr. Fox's dream would look like.

Aye, I saw the video. This one if I understand correctly.

The excitement makes me happy but it's also horribly tantalizing.