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It's like life has suddenly sprung out from the concrete on a seemingly-dead planet, with thick, deep-colored leaves and a stalk that grew six inches overnight. I wish I could commune just how impactful the news of this is.

The storyboard looks superb! I'm in awe at the wonderment as well as the sheer effectiveness of showing what happens in the fewest possible frames; and yet also terrified that I just saw a major spoiler for something that could be sublimely epic.

The mindset of the storyboard being intended to accompany your verbal and/or written descriptions actually corresponds very well with what I'm learning about in college, which is the role of speech and song in pre-Hispanic Mesoamerican literature.

That there's now a new build is the crescendo of lost hope come back.

I have online class in about half an hour, and I must- and want- to prepare. Aunque lo, I have just downloaded the Black Resin's 1.14 incarnation. I look forward to playing it. Thank you very much for this.


On a side-note, could you tell us where you bought/how you set up a fluidly functional one of those Sega controllers? I've always wanted to hold one and use it to play a game, and Black Resin in particular tempts the idea, but I read and hear horror stories about game controllers made for PC. Being a nightmare to set up, being unresponsive, breaking soon, so on.

I for one am impressed. At least at first, it seemed indeed life-like, in an understated, somewhat eerie way. It even seemed ironic that the title is called "Cheesy horror"; it didn't seem cheesy at all. It could be somewhat compared to the original "Ecco" soundtrack from the Sega Genesis, which in my opinion is one of the most successfully eerie musical pieces I've ever heard from any game, including compared to anything I've heard out of a dedicated horror game.

Of course, now that I've made it to the little clacks/chimes, etc., that sound like Psycho-esque string plucks, I have to admit it does seem a *little* forceful. It had been the quietness beforehand that made it. In my opinion, those plucks take away from it without giving it anything - they don't sound scary, they don't sound hopeful, they don't sound life-like, they're just *there*, taking away from the eerie 'pipe-organ' like instruments gently moaning and waving throughout most of the piece. Credit where due; they do make it "cheesy", which could be great on a comedy-horror game parodying slashers, but for Black Resin's mostly more sincere angle, they seem out of place.

I can't help but vote, simply as a listener, that if a future iteration of the track is made, it essentially be what we just heard, but without those clacks/plucks.

I am sorry that the arrangement you made earlier did not survive. I would like to thank you for making this one.

I have been away for a while. I'm now back to catch up.

I would like to give this Ksawery credit, on having made it onto the team and for his ideas. The idea of a dedicated "quiet day" per team member is an especially good touch, I think.

By PM, do you mean "private messages"? In the moments I have being able to revisit and possibly one day outright re-immerse with Black Resin, my own interest in communicating with the team stays intact. I refuse to touch Discord or Twitter, so I am interested in anything of that note. Granted I have no Idea what this "Trello" is.

I intend to hope that you're still open to direct e-mails, as I've sent, and in great fortune we have sometimes even traded, before.

I despise bathroom "humor", so I have to admit that last thing irks me. However, these things are supposed to be wrong-doers, so it makes sense one would be portrayed as doing something so disgusting.


As for the rest, I am impressed by the art and animation. The first scene in particular has caused some of my skin and nerves to awaken.

I for one have had it with games that start our character out famous and/or thought about as the important (Most Legend of Zelda games I've seen, and most games I've seen where we play as the title character), or wherein our character at least starts out unknown but is then handed fame on a silver platter faster than we deserve it (Skyrim, for example).

I would really like it if we could play a game where nobody knows who we are at first and it takes a long time to get someone's attention, *and* when we finally start to get it it's gradual, and takes much more effort yet to really get them to care much. I find myself hoping Black Resin could be such.

If so, that scene would be great to see after having destroyed three or four facilities. As for the scene itself, it's foreboding, powerful, and tells so much even while being open to expansion upon.

If you just have it fade to black after that drive is handed over, it's foreboding and leaves us in suspense while at the same time implying to us what it might be about- allowing the actual contents of the recording to be seen in another scene.

If on the other hand you choose to portray in the same scene the recordings of our actions, we as the audience will have the privilege of getting to see not only in-universe verification of our actions, but also to be present for the suited faction's first viewing and possible initial reaction to the sight of us. For a pacing perspective this latter option would also help the later response to us seem more gradual; assuming the same enemies show up in the same levels, let us see, confirmably, the enemies learning about us sooner will help make it seem more like the tougher enemies show up later and later, verifying the faction indeed as a highly bureaucratic one, where alarmed individuals are often ignored or written off by bureaucrats both corrupt and well-meaning alike, and where when action is finally decided to be taken it takes time for orders to go through, and more time to be executed- just like real civilization as we know it - and of the faction's collective mindset of being so cocksure as to not take a threat seriously at first when they learn of it. It certainly seems like the sort of fallacy they would default to, considering how arrogantly and cruelly they took over the tree we see early on and disregarded the lives of the trees' natives - a comparative (emphasis on comparative, as I'm s disregard we can watch them collectively apply to ourselves at first after learning of us, only to later on be convinced they should have thought about us more.

Take this clack-up as my curiosity, interest, and possibly excitement verified. There's a lot of opportunity for both show-don't-tell and imply-don't-show storytelling and worldbuildling here- specifically about how much it takes to be discovered by the enemy faction; how much it takes for the enemy faction to determine us to be a threat; and, how both individuals in a faction and the collective faction as a whole processes a new threat- and I am alive.

One more parting line. In case there's a temptation to have this floppy disk handoff scene be earlier in the game, like just after the first facility is destroyed, please consider what I have said, *PLUS* the fact that, with this game being a stealth game (at least as far as I've seen), having the enemy discover we're here too soon can jeopardize the sense of accomplishment, since even if we've eluded a few goons in a facility, our efforts would be for naught elsewhere. On the other hand, if the choice is made to save the scene for later on- like after three or four facilities have been destroyed, our efforts will feel like they matter not only in the gameplay but the story as well, verifying our work so far and empowering us- and giving the enemy faction a chance to be truly threatening, as whatever thugs we thought were tough up to that point, we will suddenly realize that the faction wasn't even trying yet.

While I have a brief moment of thinking I'm done, I'd better post. This tease has reawoken my curiosity and enthusiasm for not only Black Resin, but possibly the prospect of playing a computer game in general. Great work here! I can hardly wait to see more of what lies under the hood!

See you next update!

It has been a while; if/when I ever revisit Juice Galaxy, I'll need to rediscover that myself.

The two guesses that come to mind for me are:

1. You'll have to save your game, then go to the main menu, then reload the game. The juice student should respawn at the fountain in the graveyard; and/or

2. You need to collect the pieces of paper and then (SPOILERS); then either by speaking to Mr. Fox's kid self or by interacting with his bed, you'll be able to return to the world of the waking.

I almost never get responses in this '' discussion page. Please understand I'm excited to have someone respond.

Drones would also fit into this imagining I'd had of what Mr. Fox's dream would look like.

Aye, I saw the video. This one if I understand correctly.

The excitement makes me happy but it's also horribly tantalizing.

In some cases, there is no slowing down the fandom train.

(1 edit)

12/11/"2021"; It has been nearly two months since the last Juice Galaxy update.

Since then, I have:

-Left additional rambles and insistences on the JG's itchio discussions section;

-Scheduled some Juice Galaxy animations to pop up on YT throughout 2022;

-Begun a new Juice Galaxy animation;

-Begun brainstorming a hybrid gameplay footage/digital animation fan-trailer for Juice Galaxy;

-Discovered Juice Galaxy's OST on SoundCloud;

-Got logged out of AWS;

-Logged back into AWS again, with hassle;

-Used Amazon Polly to produce a new set of voice lines for Mrs. Slitherss;

-Divided these voice lines up and edited them in Audacity;

-Ventured into the depths of Amazon AWS to try to install it on my hard drive. I failed.

-Posted more rambles to clog up poor Fishlicka's inbox, including whining about things that no one else is particularly asking for, such as non-combat activities and NPC's;

...and still I have continued onward. The lengths of time I can go before thinking about this surreal alien world, and the experiences of playing within it, grow a little bit each week, but I always come back.

My fandom keeps me going, but I worry I will be sustained only for so long.  We will see how long I can go without a Juice Galaxy update with my spirit in one piece.*

I may need to resort to my personal stash of juice. I have orange, apple, and prune.



*by "how long I can go with my spirit in one piece", I mean I would/will start to feel sad, not that I'll stop following. I'm not going much of anywhere.

I like this idea. I would like to also suggest that s/he could possibly show you by doing, ways to use the as-is physics system in combination with the arm control/weapon waving mechanic to do things like manipulate enemies in specific ways.

This is via command console, I take it? I will try it after typing this.

Like a stereotypical school kid skirting around the issue of asking his parents permission to go to a party in the dead of night, I have skirted out of asking you directly for files... but really, that would be preferable. Let me just say it.

Yes, please. I understand I'm just a nagging fan, but for gosh sakes, in me you have made a fan, at least for the moment. Please send me a copy of the files you use, at least that you're comfortable with. This... if the offer still stands.

How exactly would it work? Do I PM you my email? No idea how that works on

Normally not into dating sim-esque stuff, but this definitely comes off as a parody so I'll accept it.

The puns are funny. Both the innocent and crass wordplay amuse like they're supposed to, even if the general experience isn't one to laugh out loud about.

The female frog protagonist is actually rather endearing. Generic visual design, but for a small freeware project that's fair. The sound effect for her shooting her tongue out is cute, and sounds distinctive from similar high-pitched "tongue" sounds from other cutesy characters; I could tell this apart from Yoshi for example.

The gameplay is what it says it is, so the slow pace makes sense. I like the mechanic of actually charging up the tongue, including the animation both for the protagonist sucking in her breath, and of the tongue itself when it lashes out.

The only thing I'd recommend changing is adding an ending after each fish, and "fish", has been caught. Maybe have the protagonist in an MS Paint "The end" screen with a reverse harem in her kitchen or something. Other than that, an impressive and amusing pastime/skill-sharpening/self-teaching project. Credit for making, and for sharing.

I am making a trailer for Juice Galaxy. I'd like to be able to record zooms, pans, and sweeping shots of the landscape, without Xavier necessarily being in the way.

How might this be done?

When I read that Mr. Fox had a dream world, and Fishlicka made sure to explain that you want to avoid spoiling it, I had an idea of what I thought it would be.

Remembering seeing it said that Fishlicka had a mind to try more "classic" shooter weapons like shotguns, SMG's, and other realistic firearms, I had thought that Mr. Fox's dream was going to be a relatively photorealistic world with blood, crime, delapidated neighborhoods, and realistic weapons. It would have been a major twist, in my opinion.

I may as well just put this out there:

I understand that, for the moment, new stuff is the intention for Juice Galaxy's major updates. New locations, new enemies, new cosmetics, so on.

I understand this. Juice Galaxy offers innumerable possibilities, and Fishlicka likely wants to expand and build the world in a timely manner. By all means let that be the intention foremost.

That being said, one thing I think Juice Galaxy could use is enrichment of content already in place. What I mean is things such as putting more things to do and find inside existing locations; increased character interaction options; reworking bosses to include workarounds for the exploits that come of "cheesing" (hanging up on obstacles, ranged weapon spam, grimoires, etc.), or possibly even introducing non-combat gameplay activities for the world.

Things, in general, to give what we already have more quality of life. A computer game is like a recreational tool chest. I for one would much rather have ten tools that each do ten things, than have fifty tools that only do two things, or one hundred tools that each only do one thing.


Typing this has helped me realize however that if enrichment work to begin with religious earnest here and now, we were to get a great set of new gameplay activities, character interactions, gameplay tuning, etc., and then Fishlicka were to reinitialize expansion, making and adding the new stuff would likely require much greater brain power to keep track of what's already in so there's less chance of breaking the game or making things conflict. Therefore even and especially in want for things currently in to offer more, I understand why it would still be a good idea to continue with a focus on adding new things.


I had to get this off my chest. The wait is killing me.

What behaviors do the animals have so far?

The premise in itself offers potential, but I am not yet ready to buy, even for a small amount like $3, a mere sprite that will only walk around and do two or three other animations.

Please excuse second question, partially. Only just after posting this I saw the screenshot showing at least one of these "archangels" is just a cat with a screen on its face.

The question still stands if any are based on biblical angels? If any are outright supposed to be such?

The first question remains entirely unswayed.

Two questions.

1. On my Gameboy, I only ever played Pokemon and Kirby Tilt and Tumble. The Legend of Zelda games, especially the Game Boy ones, are alien to me.

Could someone who has never played the GB Legend of Zelda games enjoy this? Or, are those games a sort of prerequisite to understand what Lenna's Inception is going for?


2. Those "archangels" in the description; are those supposed to be actual biblical angels, or just powerful humans loosely inspired by Westernized depictions of angels?

To the point I'd like to have material for a fan-animation and possible fan-edits.

How can I isolate the Juice Galaxy sound files so that I can use them? I understand I could make my own but I'd rather the experience be genuine.

The fight continues. Even logging back into AWS is in itself a challenge.

This crate/rock maze idea is noteworthy. However, a detail; how does one cover the top?

Granted that's quite doable, yet how does one cover the top in a way that is still camera friendly? Unless the maze is gargantuan, with wide halls, it's likely that the camera will bug out when inside.

The Dream Eater has given me chills while I watch him in the distance.

He'd be even scarier if not for his bulbous body being so vestigial, and if his lines were a bit less cliche.

Another thing: My computer, when it comes to dynamic graphics, is a toaster. I have the settings turned so low that if I isolate the logo as it appears for me, it'll look sickly pale and not quite show that distinctive spectral variety.

(2 edits)

I've had this in mind for a while now, I may as well say it.

In my opinion, jumping is currently an underpowered, almost useless feature in Juice Galaxy. First off when we press the jump button, we often just start flying anyway; and just as well because even if we can jump, it doesn't offer any advantages over flight. I would like to request that consideration be given to giving jumping an advantage that flight does not have, such that it's worth levelling up and worth deliberately abstaining sometimes from that habitual second button press to turn immediately into flight.

I already have one idea. During flight it is not possible to aim hand-to-hand weapons; they just trail along and gameplay skill in flying is learning how line up the weapon's flailing with the enemy's skin. Currently that also applies when jumping. My idea is that while airborne but *not* flying- such as while falling or, in fact, mid-jump- it is in fact possible to aim and swing your weapon, albeit not quite with such strength as when standing.

I have to admit I have a biased wish to pull off some "Yoda"-style jump-and-slash attacks with this method.

This is actually really good. By gosh. There are several things I like about this.

1. You actually drew a picture to show what you have in mind. This in itself is a very formidable thing to do and definitely makes your case stronger.

2. This Orborg's highly-simplistic body design, big mouth, and crazy eyes fit the Juice Galaxy character design spectrum like a key. You deserve credit for this; it's a gift to be able to design in another artist's preferred style.

3. The proposed way to meet him. I understand Fishlicka needs to focus on concrete things first; even so, I would love for distinctive, important things to be possible to find out in the randomly-generated wilderness. With the Wawsp nest being retconned into being only one and existing near the blacksmith, this would be a great alternative to reward players who go out into the wilderness and just keep pushing it.

4. The proposed attack method. It's apparent at this point that all Juice Galaxy enemies, bosses included, have very, very simple attack code. With that, mixing up one component makes a big deal. Orborg walks like the "creator", and he summons minions from the ground like Mrs. Slitherss; each of these two alone would make a distinctive boss. Yet here you say he also swings his club.

As it stands the only character in the game who dynamically positions her/his weapon is the player. Each other character either has no separate weapon, like most common enemies; is integrated directly with it; like the Wawsp Queen and Sergeant Suckerpunch; or only has a finite number of positions to bring the weapon to, this being Mrs. Slitherss.

I don't know if you've thought of this, Gimmemilk, but depending on how this "Orborg" chooses to swing his weapon, he could be - ironically, considering he's supposed to look stupid - one of the first enemies to actually "think", by having him aim his weapon like the player can. This would be a very interesting challenge and practically open a new chapter in the Juice Galaxy gameplay book.

5. I like the detail that his right arm is longer than his left. Gameplaywise that would probably help to ensure he can hit from further away; and if the arm has joints, or is tentacle-like, then it's even more dangerous since if you get past his arm he can just pull back and club you anyway.

6. The option to take his club for ourselves is appealing. Fine-made swords and powerful guns are nice and all, but I'd like a chance to play as Captain Caveman.


I'm not sure if you can tell, your idea here, simple as he is, has echoed some concepts and possibilities that would have me very excited in a computer game, Juice Galaxy most obviously.

I know that someone gushing is a very annoying experience, so here; let me offset my annoyance with some questions.

1. Considering what it takes to get that far out to the wilderness in the first place, does Orborg have a way of dealing with airborne players? If so, how?

2. Would Orborg's cave have any props left around that hint at why he's living in the wilderness, or if he's done anything else?

3. Gameplay-wise, would Orborg have any use for that left arm of his, or is it just decoration?

To the point: I'm making a Juice Galaxy fan-animation. I would like to use the wavy, slightly-amorphous intro and wobble of the Juice Galaxy logo that we see as we fall to the ground after first escaping Juice School.

As it stands, I know that's possible anyway, via Premiere Pro. It could take a while, however, and there'd likely be some background attached flickering in and out that would be too much even for the surreal nature of Juice Galaxy.


Admittedly for my fan-animation- but also as a possible general-use promo material for fans- I'd like to request, if it is at all possible, the release of that Juice Galaxy Logo in its full introductory animation, with no background- or at most an easily-isolated background, like a greenscreen or blackscreen. In GIF form it could be used for customizable websites; while for video file format... well, I've already made my case, and I doubt I'll be the last.

This brings to mind that there are plenty of other animations that could work very well as website-construction loops for having fun and expressing ourselves. Mr. Fox's, classroom-mode Mrs. Slitherss's, and Hydrangela's idle animations; pretty much every walk cycle available for every creature in the game that has one; Sergeant Suckerpunch's spinning charges and attacks; and the aforementioned logo all come to mind as viable eye-catchers and distinguishers.

Of course I know we could manually isolate every single one of these ourselves. It would just be so great to have the options available for cleaner, crisper, more camera-focused, generally official videos and GIFs available.


Please consider. Yes, this would be a little extra work, *but* it could serve as an investment to help facilitate Juice Galaxy's growth into new corners of the internet.

This concept art is impressive and interesting, and it is noteworthy to at last see what some of the non-technological fauna of this world looks like.

For me, the great appeal of the game so far is that we play as a creature that was attuned with nature, wreaking havoc on creatures that, themselves, have been wreaking havoc on the natural world.

I eagerly ask you to reconsider any ideas you have to make any of these creatures enemies, at least by choice. With the player being a walking tower of mutated pollution, it would break immersion and make no sense if any predator were to try to eat her.

On the other hand, in my opinion, leading the industrialist enemies into the jaws of predators, or into range of a territorial bulky herbivore, would in my opinion be a very noteworthy option for environmental death. When pulled off just right, environmental solutions are my favorites to pull off in games, and that includes combat.

This actually looks great! In part because it looks truly alien, a welcome new form of 'weirdness' in Juice Galaxy contrasting with the as-yet style of warping things we know in real life.

Please tell me you designed this yourself.

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One user "mofui" or of the like has put this up: juice galaxi by mofui ( One hour ago as of my posting this.

I've liked the idea of being able to go unarmed myself. I've dabbled in trying it already, by having the JG guy ram into enemies. It causes them both damage, although I haven't tested this in JG 0.1.17 yet.

My personal idea is that pressing and holding the attack button without a weapon simply turns your weapon hand into a short-range, bare-minimum-damage weapon that relies entirely upon yourmomentum, plus your arm strength and "damage" stat, to do anything. Just imagine swinging that hand around while the JG guy's notoriously floppy arms follow along as a tether.

To be fair, I wouldn't say JG is an RPG. Right now it's a three-dimensional action/fighting game with some trace platforming elements.

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Pursuit of Amazon Polly has been an enriching, formative, head-relaxing adventure. I'm ready for a break. What better way to sublimate that than with a request I've been holding in?

I admire medical studies, engineerings, and some aspects of the culture- including artifacts. I like the idea of being able to play as a doctor in a world where I don't have to- or at least being decked out with medical equipment- with full character customization instead of a class/character-select system. I've yet I've yet to play a game like this, or even see one. You're either not a doctor at all, you're stuck with it, or you have to choose a predetermined character with a medical motif.

You can tell where this is going, I assume: Some doctor/nurse/ER/etc. themed item requests for the future, functional and aesthetic. Unfortunately per my usual self this includes annoying stat/trait suggestions.


+Shirts, if/when implemented: Scrubs (top); lab coat; professor's vest.

+Pants, if/when implemented: Scrubs (bottom); Protective Pants (such as here: DuPont® Tyvek® Protective Pants | Seton); slacks (to match professor's vest).

+Headgear: Doctorial  Surgical Cap(as seen here); Bouffant-Style Scrub Cap (as seen here); N95 respirator masks(as seen here)**; Surgical masks (as seen here)**.

+Shoes, if/when implemented: Slip-proof rubber clogs; non-slip boots.


+Scalpel: Smallest and fastest weapon in the game at 1.00 scale. Medium-low damage potential proportionate to its size. Suggested special effect: Causes more juice to spawn from living enemies per successful slash or stab, however powerful or close to additional hits each one may be.

+Bonesaw: Oversized at scale 1.00 compared to real-world bonesaw. Has weakest swing in the game- weaker than the plunger- but does exponentially increasing damage the longer it is held up against the same target while still moving.

+Syringe Gun: The only ranged weapon in this costume pack. For visual reference, see here. Syringes do not go very far, but if they connect they do DoT to the target. This DoT is much less than fire, per syringe, but it lasts for much longer and it can stack.


+First Aid Kit: Functionally the same as a "Good Juice" jar, except smaller, differently shaped, and held in the off-hand instead of as a weapon.

+Medical Alcohol bottle: Upon use, splashes an enemy with a clear fluid. Does no damage itself. However, the target will go limp, and perhaps start to spasm about. The more damage the target has already taken when it was splashed, the longer the enemy will be stunned. Based on my own personal mistake once having poured medical alcohol into a deeper-than-usual cut at the base of my toe, and plenty other times having put medical alcohol in wounds on purpose.

Has limited uses each.

+Clipboard: Serves no direct purpose, but holding it slightly lessens enemy monsters' resistance to individual hand-to-hand attacks, as if the clipboard is a list of information about the monsters themselves that the player character can use to bypass defenses.


With that you've read my request. Please consider my silly fantasy of a floppy mutant battle medic in a fever dream. With how much fighting and danger is in Juice Galaxy, they could use a doctor.

**I know that some folks out there have tried to politicize masks, but don't let that scare you from this. This set of items could make character customization all the more fun.

Well, getting Amazon Polly to work on my own computer I leave off on a lurch, and I concede I likely won't be coming back to complete setup, though at least I've downloaded the manual.

At the very least, I have found the online version for testing: Amazon Polly.

I am strongly confident that it is Amy, under the British English present, who voices our dear Mrs. Slitherss.

I know it has been a while. I will post anyway.

I have just been on the computer for a couple of hours, trial-and-error-ing my way through Amazon Web Services and their manuals. I have Amazon Polly partway installed on my pc. I've run into setup issues. I can't reset the output format to blank, and before that I tested the instructions provided in the manual only to run into an error about a security token.

Mr. Fishlicka, if you're reading this, you deserve all the more credit for having somehow gotten through all this, to get Amazon Polly Set up, securely enough to use it for Mrs. Slitherss's voice.


If anyone is reading this who is familiar with AWS and the setup process, and who has done this song and dance before with Amazon Polly specifically, I eagerly request your merciful assistance.

To the point, I've been down there quite often and it is still easy to give mixed up and turned around in there.

If it were intended as a maze, I would understand, as the challenge would be to memorize the landmarks in the first place. For a labyrinth, though- that is to say a long winding hall with only one entrance and exit- wit h enemies to fight and two bosses at one end no less, this would-be fun challenge can break up the momentum of the stage.

Requesting/suggesting now that a change be implemented to the toilet realm's caves so that it's more apparent what direction to keep going in order to get to Sergeant Suckerpunch and the Clog. Even if it's just signs that pop up now and again with an arrow pointing in the right direction.

(2 edits)

I admit that I don't like the UnderTale reference, but otherwise I am impressed. I like the idea of a living weather system; and from a gameplay perspective it makes sense that at least some of them, if we could ever be so lucky, would be triggered by events in-game.

Ironically, even though I don't like the UnderTale reference, the comet one is tied with the green fog suggestions as my favorite because they each have an apparent influence on the world's characters, in this case enemies. I like the Spiky Juice Hair Moon's effect, but the aesthetic itself would be an eyesore; maybe a toned-down version wherein the moon is dark but has oily rainbow colors.

They would also be very moving to look at, at least as I imagine them:

1. The comet streaking across as you fall, or when we look up to the sky for the first time, would offer a sight of splendor and beauty to hint that this choice of ours to run away from an overly cruel teacher may have been the right choice- and that there are sights and phenomena she was trying to deny us.

However, I need to acknowledge that as I've typed this, the appeal of the comet goes entirely to aesthetic, as an event triggered by escaping from Juice School, for the reasons listed above. I concede that your idea is probably to have it just be a random event that could occur anytime after, not specifically as a cinematic backdrop to the escape like I've imagined it.

2. The 'Juice Moon', if I may simply call it that, even with the suggested adjustment, would still be unnerving to look at, and from a gameplay perspective it would be surprising and unnerving to see what a Pollywog is like as a credible threat.

3. The fog would be refreshingly organic, yet eerie; and its allowing frogs outside the swamp biome would really help to make the world feel alive and that these peculiar creatures still follow a logic of some sort.

The meteor one seems underwhelming in my opinion- at least until there's a *whole lot more* to do up that high- and the yarn one seems like missed potential, only aesthetic when the yarn could serve some gameplay purpose and/or hint at new story/worldbuilding elements.

(1 edit)

Oh, man, this is magnificent. A new non-euclidean room, a new possible juice/game mechanic, a situation that lets us actually practice jumping instead of flying, the symbolism of the door representing a conclusive* departure from Mrs. Slitherss's cruel and inefficient rulership, I could go on.

I have to admit I am biased. Seeing someone else give devil's advocacy to Mrs. Slitherss's relationship with the player is reviving.


If I may make one suggestion, it would be that the door doesn't necessarily have to directly tie into any great evil or like in the Juice Galaxy world. instead, I like the idea that the door's focused purpose- and frankly this whole dream realm if you'll pardon me- would be the player character's own reflection on defeating, and hurting, the closest thing he ever had to a 'parent' figure in his life, and juggling this with the personal growth he has found since he left her harsh oversight.

On account of this, I like your latter suggestion that this realm would be found by going back into the schoolhouse and sleeping at a desk. It makes more sense for an introspective dream sequence, *and* it gives the classroom a purpose aside from just being our spawn point for a new game. I personally like for significant things and places to have more than one purpose in a game, and it has long irritated me that such iconic places of first impression, such as the inside of the Juice School, often lose their interactable value after being used once, twice, or for a brief time.

If it's an accident, it's a useful one. It makes him actually formidable, and gives a very strong reason for even a levelled-up character to avoid getting touched in the first place.

I've been floored the whole time I've thought about this, since reading it, about twenty minutes after it was posted. I have questions but don't know where to start.