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Just in case you are still looking for a mac, you can get a M1 mac-mini refurbished, it is still expensive but probably one of the best deals in my opinion on the mac family. It's less than $600 before taxes. I just discovered your tool on twitter, I looked up the documentation and these logs here and your youtube channel. I haven't had time to try it, I'll sure give it a spin and read more about it. Thanks for your work. Oh, from your youtube, I indeed had seen your hairy mouse and grass shader videos before, probably some years ago.

I just bought a Macbook Air M1 a few days ago (new, decent deal). I'll probably enter Apple dev program thing so I can sign MM 1.0 and Mac users no longer have Gatekeeper messages as first experience.
As for videos, I guess you're confusing with Arnklit who did many great videos about MM (I focus on coding and don't create videos), and also contributed quite a few nodes. And you may also want to check his "river" addon for Godot.