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Well now, that's me traumatised and put off from hiking for quite a while! A very unique little experience featuring a truly unique monster (I think you did a cracking job bringing Trevor's creation to life!).

Sometimes games don't need a whole lot of background story or hours and hours of gameplay. Sometimes all you need is five minutes to chill someone to the bone. And this is a great example of that! Keep up the great work, this was cracking =)

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Excuse me! I must ask "HOW?" since I cant even think that a game like this could scare somebody so hard that they decided to "put off from hiking for quite a while". how does this game scare you! I realy whana know since this game dosent scare me! im not someone who cant get scared easaly, when there is a spooky game and I get scared I usualy do the good ol' "ALT+F4".   this game did have a good build up but the pay off wasent that scary (Personaly I think an Air-Raid Siren would've worked better). and that isnt only me I made my friends play the game and all of them sayd "this game isnt scary" one of them even bursted into laughter when he saw the spooky creature. PLEASE I BEG YOU, COULD YOU TELL ME WHY DO YOU FEEL THE GAME IS SCARY!?

Purely the atmosphere and the build-up. All about the scene-setting! Different strokes for different folks (and the being put off hiking line was not as serious as you may have taken it).