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sooo what ever hapend to this game?

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Still I think it done its job very well, its a cool game, I had a fealing that there were no olther endings but I just had to check.   Good luck on your next works, saluti da Pellegrino (o più precisamente "nel mezzo del nulla, nei pressi di Pellegrino").
P.S: Ai mai pensato di fare un gioco ambientato in Italia?

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I wonder, is there any olther endings?
I tried evrything, shooting my self, resisting the temptetion of going out, killing all the ghosts, shooting the tv mirror spider, shooting the floating montsers, playing the computer game and going in the litteral sense insane doing the exact thing over and over beliving something would change (belive me, I played for way to long). I know the point is to wait for the end but I was hoping there were olther means to the end. P.S: @lmsonic from an Italian, to an Italian: "Me dai 'na mano".

what do you mean

like what?

I Cant play with a friend we put the IP but it dosent wor

there is a lot of potantial for this game, but for now the game sucks.  yes there is something uncanny that the friends dont even acknowlage that their friends are missing but when it comes to the end were the only survivor STILL isnt even the least bit worried for their missing friends, makes the game ending realy pointless.  if evrytime a friend died the charecter had something to say about it that would be more intresting maybe add some charecter development along the drive and add the chosing section between the way and you got a compleate game! I know this is a ludum dara and as a ludum dare this game is great but as a game on his own (right now) is a bad game.

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Excuse me! I must ask "HOW?" since I cant even think that a game like this could scare somebody so hard that they decided to "put off from hiking for quite a while". how does this game scare you! I realy whana know since this game dosent scare me! im not someone who cant get scared easaly, when there is a spooky game and I get scared I usualy do the good ol' "ALT+F4".   this game did have a good build up but the pay off wasent that scary (Personaly I think an Air-Raid Siren would've worked better). and that isnt only me I made my friends play the game and all of them sayd "this game isnt scary" one of them even bursted into laughter when he saw the spooky creature. PLEASE I BEG YOU, COULD YOU TELL ME WHY DO YOU FEEL THE GAME IS SCARY!?

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tell me how! I realy whana know! becose it didnt scare me! I saw the "Siren Head" and he was so standing there and when he started chasing I think that "siren" sound that he made wasent exacly scary that or his slow speed. there were no stakes in place to scare me.  the build up was good but the pay off wasent that scary. I made my friends play this and they said that this game wasent scary one friend began to laugh when he saw "siren head". so I ask again' good "The Demon Studios" Were is the Scare?

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"this isnt exacly what I would call scary" is the exact thing I say'd after finishing the game. im not sure but the game didnt scare me, it didnt even so much as make me feel a thing, maby when I saw "SIREN HEAD" I got in expething a game in a city simiral to silent hill with spooky siren head that was hunting you down and you had to avoid him find out th- bla bla B L A. long story short I setted up my expetation way to high but I did see a siren head...