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Is this for RPG Maker MV or for VX Ace?

It should have versions for both. (But you might want to wait because there'll be a bigger and improved version coming out in a few weeks ;))

Thanks for the info friend. I will wait then

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Hey! I'm looking to build a game for my girlfriend for Christmas and would love to use this asset pack - do you know when the ugprade is coming? Just wondering if I should wait on buying the pack or to pick it up now :)

Also - do you do commissions? I'd love to get some custom characters built out. 


I don't have a date for the release for the Omega version, though the publisher has told me that it will be sometime this month. In the meantime you can use this one-- I am planning on creating a discount for the new one for people who have bought this version, if I can get it to work.
As for commissions, sure. Send me an email: